Kiva’s Blueberry Terra Bites

These chocolates won’t make you lose your shit.

Eating too many edibles sucks. Of course, the problem these days is that people are making edibles that taste so goddamn good they’re kind of daring you to forget about restraint. While one lemon drop cookie packed with 300 mg of THC might leave your sweet tooth sated, accidentally eating too many can leave you with a mind-melting experi-ence that you might not have bargained for.

Fortunately, that wasn’t the case with KIVA’s Blueberry Terra Bites. Modeled after the company’s best-selling Espresso Bean Terra Bites, these chocolate nibs are a new addition to KIVA’s collection of low-dose edibles, averaging 5 mg of THC per morsel. Which is to say, unlike a lot of other edibles, you can binge eat these cocoa-covered morsels of dried fruit to your heart’s content without fear of overdosing. The strains KIVA uses might play a role in this, but it could also be because it’s easy to take proper, measured doses of the nibs — which is harder to do with, say, a THC-packed Rice Krispie treat.

I started with just one of the bite-sized pieces, which delivered the accessible kind of high you’d expect from a 5 mg dose. I was feeling pretty comfy, so I popped another morsel about an hour and a half later. By then I was pretty stoned, but it was a nice body high with very little mental-tr-ippiness. Emboldened, I went for a third piece. While it’s true that some-times, the decision to “get just a little bit higher” can turn into a pretty big mistake, I can safely say that with the Terra Bites, I was good. I went to bed relatively soon thereafter and woke up the next morning with the taste of chocolate still my mouth and my body in the same exact position it had been in when my head hit the pillow.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: Blueberry Terra Bites pair quite nicely with the new season of Planet Earth. David Attenborough’s voice does won-ders on weed-addled brains.

The Basics: Each piece contains 5 mg of THC and each tin has 120 mg of THC total.

Appearance: Blueberry Terra Bites come in an awesome metal tin that snaps shut, making it great for tossing in your bag when you’re on the go. The packaging is also discreet, reminiscent of those round tins of hard candy you might find in your grandmother’s purse. In fact, the labeling is so subtle you could easily mistake them for regular candy, so take extra care in storing them if you have little ones running around (or if you live with squares). The mor-sels themselves look like Raisinettes, round and shiny.

Flavor: Top-notch and super-good. The chocolate has a nice semi-sweet-ness to it, and the dried blueberry in the center provides a mild tartness. I found the aftertaste to be particularly pleas-ant, and they pair great with coffee. It can be hard to mask the flavor of weed in edibles, but I personally think that chocolate does a great job of masking the dankness, and Terra Bites achieve this with aplomb. Aroma: Inviting and sweet. You get a nice little olfactory kiss blown your way when you open the tin.

Medical Applicability: Like most ed-ibles, these are purported to be great for nausea, muscle spasms, pain, and in-somnia.

Overall Impressions: These things are great. As the world of edibles be-comes increasingly more complex, KIVA appears to resist reinventing the wheel. In sticking to mints and chocolate prod-ucts like these, they provide a quality product that delivers a predictable high. I hope they continue down this train of thought, and I look forward to what they come up with next.

Available at kivaconfections.com, as well as at Grass Roots Collective (1077 Post St.; grassrootsf.com) and Barbary Coast Collec-tive (952 Mission St.; barbarycoastsf.org)