Bloom Farms CBD Tincture

Keep Your Mind Sharp with Bloom Farms’ CBD Tincture

The latest company to get in on the CBD craze may be our best option — so far.

It’s possible that in 2019, we’re already surging past “peak CBD” and heading straight into overkill territory. The cannabinoid properly known as cannabidiol has been linked to relief from just about every medical malady and disorder under the sun, and while definitive research remains in short supply, everything we’ve learned so far has done nothing to diminish CBD’s potential as a 21st-century miracle cure.

Of course, many people are also of the opinion that we would be best served to apply the brakes a bit and let some hard facts join the party. Unquestionably, evidence proves that CBD can be an effective medication for reducing some effects of serious conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes. But now that every wellness store has a whole aisle dedicated to the stuff, we also must remember that not all CBD products are created equal.

Enter Bloom Farms — a cannabis company well-known for its line of vaporizer cartridges and flower offerings. Now Bloom Farms has made its play into the CBD market with a tincture available in 300- and 600-mg. concentrations.

On the surface, it checks all the boxes. For one, it’s sourced domestically — which is nice, given how the U.S. only recently abolished asinine laws that banned the crop (despite decades of proof that hemp and marijuana are not the same thing). Bloom Farms also highlights that this tincture is infused with CBD extracts that are cultivated through a zero-waste method without exposure to solvents or additives.

Naturally, a product’s pedigree as socially and environmentally responsible only matters if the thing itself actually delivers. So, does Bloom Farms’ CBD Tincture get the job done?

This question is a bit more complex than you might imagine. When consuming a product with THC, we have a number of baselines to compare our experience against. Did it get me high? How high did it get me? How long did it get me high for? With CBD, those questions become irrelevant. Yes, some folks do report feeling a sensation akin to a runner’s high when dosing with CBD, but it’s not a guarantee and can’t be used as a metric of overall effectiveness.

Instead, all we can really do is administer daily doses of CBD and see if our overall health improves — albeit often in mostly subtle ways. After taking a daily dose of Bloom Farms’ CBD Tincture (600-mg. concentration), I noticed that a few aches and pains seemed less discernible. My energy levels felt good as well, but I can’t say that these observations were definitively linked to the tincture.

That said, anyone interested in seeing what CBD may be able to do will likely not find a better place to start than with this new offering from Bloom Farms. For starters, some CBD products can taste quite terrible — like eating a big spoonful of fresh soil. This tincture still has an earthy flavor, but it’s subtle enough to be perfectly palatable.

Secondly, Bloom Farms has opted for full-spectrum extraction, which essentially means this is CBD that still contains other cannabinoids and terpenes. Some research has shown that CBD is more effective when employed with a supporting cast of cannabinoids and terpenes as opposed to its isolated form. For my money, it seems logical to assume consuming CBD as nature intended is the way to go.

It is ultimately up to each individual to see what all the fuss is about. In an industry that’s still finding its form, Bloom Farms’ CBD Tincture may not be king of the castle, but for now, it certainly makes a strong case as one of the most reliable and trustworthy options around.

Potency: New CBD consumers can start with the 300-mg. option, but unlike products with THC, there’s not really a downside to going with the more potent 600-mg. option.

Appearance: Almost amber in color, this tincture is available in 1-oz. bottles. Slight discoloration over time is normal. Bloom Farms suggests consuming your purchase within one year.

Medical Applications: Numerous! It’s probably best to use CBD as a preventative supplement for a number of diseases, but acute relief for everything from aches to anxiety has also been reported.

Effect: Some users feel a slight high — no psychoactive effects, so we’re talking about the high you might get after a hike — but the real benefit is the long-term health effects of regular CBD consumption.


Bloom Farms’ CBD Tincture (600-mg.) retails for $95, available at