Keep fresh and clean with first ever marijuana-infused dental hygiene line

By Oscar Pascual |

As if cannabis didn’t already have a massive amount of health benefits, New York’s AXIM Biotechnologies has found yet another.

Dental care.

The company recently introduced Oraximax, a line of cannabis-infused toothpaste, dentrifice, and mouthwash. Even more impressive, the line is the first of its kind to be concentrated with the compound cannabigerol (CBG), reports MainStreet.

While not nearly as popular as THC or CBD, CBG is another cannabinoid that’s known to possess anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

AXIM Biotech says that CBG could help with certain ailments like gingivitis or bleeding gums.

“There are 320 toothpastes on the market, which are all very similar,” said dentist and AXIM Biotech CEO Dr. George Anastassov in an interview with MainStreet. “They prevent cavities and promote fresh breath, but AXIM’s CBG-derived oral care products eliminate the bacteria that accumulates in the mouth from the repeated trauma of eating, talking and tooth brushing.”

CBGs are one of 85 cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana plants. The company grows a high-CBG proprietary strand called Asso to research and create new products.

“We work with a strain of industrial hemp that has high levels of CBGs and no THC, which we purchase from a producer in Italy,” said Dr. Philip Van Damme, a doctor and chief medical officer with AXIM Biotech, in MainStreet’s interview. “The compound also kills tumors and reduces eye pressure in glaucoma patients.”

The firm is also developing a line of CBG-concentrated skin care products called Renecann, as well as an analgesic rub for relieving muscle pain. Van Damme believes that his company is filling a void that the market didn’t even think it had.

“The world population is aging with an active lifestyle, which can cause pain so there’s a need for new pain treatments without side effects,” Van Damme told MainStreet. “There are no new classes of analgesics on the market, only NSAIDs and opioids and the combinations of these.”

Photo credit: GlobeNewswire