K-Zen’s S-Shots Quench Your Thirst And Get You Stoned All At Once

When it comes to the onslaught of new cannabis beverages on the market, I’ve been a little hesitant to embrace the revolution.  It’s the same reason I’m still a little skittish when it comes to edibles, too: I can’t help but be a little skeptical about the idea of unscrewing a cap, glugging down the liquid inside, and waiting to see what happens next.

With the advent of microdosing, some of my concerns have been assuaged. Thanks to score marks, it’s never been easier to break down a big hunk of chocolate or granola bar into equally portioned pieces. For anyone who may find 7.5 mg of THC to be their true sweet spot, having a convenient way to take a dose and a half (given the industry standard often feels like 5mg per piece), this product is a huge upgrade.

If edibles are evolving nicely, then do we really need infused beverages too?

That was my take before trying two of the three formulas currently offered by cannabis beverage makers K-Zen as part of their S-Shot line. Packaged in small glass bottles, each S-Shots is a fruit-flavored dose of THC. I now believe there are several reasons why a beverage option is advantageous when it comes to cannabis.

For one, it wasn’t until I cracking the cap on a S-Shot that I really considered the medicinal merit of a drinkable dose of cannabis. More and more edibles are now produced with patients in mind, evolving from a munchies era of brownies and sweets to today’s diverse offerings of gluten-free options, gourmet confections, and more. But what are the folks who cannot swallow solid matter to do? Yes, there are tinctures, but for those in a state of health where flavor still matters but consuming solid foodstuffs is no longer possible, something like an S-Shot makes a whole lot of sense.

The other thing that struck me as far as the purpose of cannabis beverages is concerned is how discreetly one can dose with them. I genuinely don’t know if someone with no knowledge of the product would even be able to tell that these have pot in them just by giving one a taste. Even if they could, that would be about the only way to really connect cannabis to the activity of sipping from a container that’s nearly identical to the copious variety of energy shots crowding the counters at gas stations.

Okay, so what do they taste like? The first type I tried was Soar, which packs 25 mg of THC into each bottle. The flavor, wild berry, was a bit artificial for me. As noted earlier, there is virtually no hint of cannabis in the drink, which may appeal to some. The unmistakable link between wild berry and its cough syrup equivalents was hard to ignore, though. Given the potency, I tested this S-Shot out shortly before bed. I drank about a third of a bottle, or roughly 8.3 mg, and quickly drifted off into a pleasant, sustained slumber.

The other S-Shot I sampled was Smile, which contains a more modest 10 mg of THC per bottle. The Pink Lemonade flavor is equally sugary, but given the ingredients found in actual pink lemonade, it’s hard to imagine consumers will be expecting something healthy. Despite clocking in at 8 grams of sugar (by comparison, Soar has 3.8 grams), the taste does have its charm in a nostalgic, Country Time Lemonade sort of way..

I drank half of a Smile one afternoon and found the accompanying sensations to be relatively potent. Billed as promoting stimulation and focus, I felt pretty lazy after my dose set in about twenty minutes later.

Overall, S-Shots would do well to tone down the sugar a tad but represent a genuine — and discreet — new avenue for consumers to explore.

Potency: Soar is 25 mg of THC per bottle; Smile is 10 mg of THC per bottle.

Smell: The flavor palate for S-Shots is equivalent to the Jelly Belly offerings for wild berry and pink lemonade, respectively. Soar (wild berry) definitely has some cough syrup vibes to its taste as well.

Effect: Soar did the trick for bedtime, but it’s important to remember that 25 mg is a lot of THC. Consume accordingly. Smile offered a decently strong effect that was enjoyable but may not be a perfect fit for those hoping to remain productive after dosing.


Available for via the Eaze delivery platform. Learn more at s-shots.com.