Juniper Juices the Most out of Humboldt-Grown Cannabis

Juniper buries your troubles with pre-rolls made from artisanal, sungrown flower that reminds you why Humboldt is a global cannabis capital.

Humboldt County has been teaching the world what good weed really is since the Summer of Love days. But in today’s billion-dollar retail cannabis boom, we rarely realize where our kind bud was grown anymore.

A new pre-roll brand called Juniper re-acquaints you with the special magic of Humboldt County farm-grown cannabis. Juniper grows small batch cannabis that combines old-school sticky-icky potency with the  conscientious ethic of the contemporary slow food farming movement.

You know you are smoking greatness when you take your first hit of Juniper pre-rolls. Your brain will instantly recognize that one puff is going to get you high, well before the effects even begin to set in.

Juniper describes their cannabis as “AAA flower and no trim, ever.” AAA is not an official cannabis grade designation that we are aware of, but we assure you these potent pre-rolls definitely taste and take effect like they’re all kush and no trim. The quality is quite noticeable.

These pre-rolls come in a number of differently packaged varieties: the tubed bag with a single or pair of pre-rolls ($15 and $19, respectively), and tins of mini joints ($19) and full joints (which we couldn’t find locally to assess pricing). These prices can vary by location, and of course your state and local taxes will be assessed.

Strain varieties include recognizable names like Gelato 41, Orange Sherbert, Thin Mint GSC, and Trinidad OGC. Pretty much each strain is available in each joint size, so you can generally pick your strain and preferred price point.

These joints have pretty average build and reliability; they’re probably not going to last long in the rain. But the glass tubes and joint tins they come in are handsomely packaged.

The reason you’ll want Juniper’s, though, is the quality of that sweet Humboldt weed. The effects start creeping in within two minutes, and last a good while even for serious stoners.

In this era of microdoses and discreet products, Juniper pre-rolls are a throwback to the dank, phat joints of yesteryear. They will stink up the room, you will cough conspicuously upon hitting them, and you’ll get to why you love Humboldt County cannabis all over again.

Potency: The Orange Sherbet and Thin Mint strains are very heavy hitters at well more than 20-percent total cannabinoid content; the Gelato 41, Trinidad OG, and hybrid variety are a little less potent at around 15 percent.

Smell: Juniper pre-rolls have very little scent until you light them, at which point the aroma of cannabis smoke will overwhelm a 15-yard radius.

Taste: Very oaky and smoky flavor, as you would expect of the California’s dankest forest region-grown cannabis.

Appearance: The packaging is lovely, and the quality of paper is such that its opaque white becomes transparent once you start smoking it, showing off the premium flower inside.

Medical Application: The four strains vary, but each variety of Juniper’s gives you some variation of an uplifting, anxiety-killing head buzz.

Effect: Juniper pre-roll joints are high-potency, instant friendmakers, packed with old-school northern California outdoor grown cannabis at is finest. 


Available in San Francisco via  Lady Chatterly’s delivery. Visit for details.

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