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James Henry’s Disposable Vape Pens Are a Very Good Idea

They make a name for themselves with a sleek design and carefully formulated oils that deliver unique and precise effects.

Vape pens are splendid, but their hardware poses some pain-in-the-ass problems. The cartridge, pen, and battery charger are all separate units that have a nagging tendency to get disconnected and lost in the nether regions of your junk drawer.   

A few vape companies have addressed this by creating disposable vape pens. These all-in-one units pack the pen, oil cartridge, and the single-use battery into one seamless device, nicely suited for travelers visiting recreational states (or for the vaper who prefers not to accumulate hardware).

Yes, disposable units are a throw-away society concept, and they do add to landfill. Unfortunately, the same is true of pretty much every vape product in California. One new player is Bay Area-based James Henry, whose elegant, four-inch “mini pens” are designed so you can take hits discreetly while concealing the unit in the palm of your hand. These are 300-milligram vape pens, not the standard 500-milligram cartridges you might be used to. James Henry pens are stunningly simple, with no “toke” button and a convenient LED light on the end that confirms when you’re getting a hit.

What’s really revolutionary is the precise formulation of their oil, which is synthesized for specific therapeutic and mood effects. They’re available in three different versions, and SF Weekly can confirm that each one lives up to its billing. 

A CBD-dominant blend called Daytime: Focus delivers a calming, ethereal effect designed to allow and enable productivity. Weekend: Retreat Indica is an all-THC formulation that produces ambient and sleepy effects, while Evening: Social Sativa shoots for a chatty and creative high.

These are definitely high-end luxury pens, running as much as $40 or $50 before state and local taxes. In other words, these are 300-milligram pens that cost more than some 500-milligram pens sitting on the same dispensary shelf.

And you cannot recycle disposable pens; they’re pure waste. This is not any manufacturer’s fault, as California cannabis regulations have consistently failed to create a framework for legal cannabis product recycling. Still, disposability will be a dealbreaker for some sustainability-conscious smokers.

But the luxe buyer will see James Henry vape pens as an elegant standout. Their futuristic form will impress, they’re remarkably simple and easy to use, and the oil quality is on the very high end of the spectrum.

Potency: While the oil is high potency, its formulation is geared more toward concentration or relaxation than a “head high.”

Smell: There is no aroma to your clean, exhaled smoke.

Taste: A very conspicuous, sweet floral flavor — which is pleasant, but may not please purists who prefer an unseasoned taste.

Appearance: Small, smooth, silver, and simple. Completely intuitive for a newbie.

Medical Application: The three varieties are “inspired by” Adderall, Prozac, and Xanax, respectively, and may deliver similar outcomes without harsh pharmaceutical side effects.

Effect: The pens all deliver the exact feeling advertised, so James Henry could become a household name.


Available in San Francisco at Jahnetics. Visit for details.