Jack in the Box Is Ready for Legal Weed

Long Beach locations will sell “Merry Munchie Meals” for $4.20, in a collaboration with hometown hero Snoop Dogg. Road trip!

Jack in the Box has been called “Jack in the Crack,” but really, it’s Jack in the Weed.

In January, the fast-food empire partners with Snoop Dog on a “Merry Munchie Meal” that explicitly capitalizes on the legality of adult-use cannabis in California. It’ll only be available in Long Beach — the rapper’s home town — from Jan. 18-25, but if you find yourself in the 562, you can get two tacos, french fries, onion rings, five mini-churros, three chicken strips, and a small drink for only $4.20.

That’s a freakin’ deal. And, as Bloomberg reported with a straight face, “The price isn’t random: The number 420 is used as a code by potheads.”

Who knew? Still, this isn’t really so different from everything else on Jack in the Box’s menu, which already shows its hand on regular Munchie Meals aimed at the late-night crowd with cravings for bad-for-you treats and the occasional two-tacos-for-$.99 deals. It’s not as if this particular combo contains actual cannabis edibles. But the second-tier fast-food purveyor is struggling, having unloaded the Qdoba brand to a private-equity firm a few weeks ago. Whatever the underlying economics of this collab, you can’t argue with the value of all those tasty fried things for under five bucks.