Is Solid Snake a Stoner?

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez |

Although many surely partake in marijuana before an evening of playing video games, it’s pretty rare to see the good green smoked inside the video games themselves. (Okay, maybe Grand Theft Auto, but what can’t you do in GTA?)

But maybe one famous video game character has been a faithful cannabis user all along, and nobody was the wiser.

As the ever-energetic Mat Pat postulates on his newest Game Theory video, perhaps Solid Snake is a stoner.

For the non-gamers among us, Snake is a special operations mercenary popularized in the decades-old game series Metal Gear. The games popularized the stealth gaming genre between its installments on the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System and later on the Sony Playstation.

Players sneak around as Snake, avoiding confrontations with mercenaries and assassinating them as silently as possible. Throughout, Snake is oft-seen smoking a cigarette, like some sort of black-ops Marlboro man.

But what if he was smoking marijuana all along?

The evidence Game Theory shores up for a stoned Snake is pretty compelling. Even in the very first Metal Gear solid, released way back in 1987, Snake smokes a “cigarette” at the end of the game to slow down time, aiding in a daring escape from his enemies.

Also in a more recent game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Snake smokes a “phantom cigar,” which the game describes as a “cigar blended with a medicinal herb that speeds up the user’s perception of time.”

“I know I get it, it seems too easy,” Mat Pat says in his Game Theory video. “Put a big pot leaf over a thumb nail, do a bunch of Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson references and call it a day.”

But Game Theory takes the conspiracies to the next level, citing Te Duc Nguyen’s 19th century Le Livre De I’Opium, H.S. Becker, and numerous medical studies all to prove Solid Snake is indeed a cannabis enthusiast.

Is he right? Decide for yourself, and check out the video below.