Hydrology9 Vaporizer

In the recent past, vaporizers have become akin to mousetraps: Everyone is trying to build a better one. Most of the available models are hard to distinguish from one another, as each company tries to leave its mark. Mostly, these products differ only in by tiny nuances like a new grip, an app accessory, or the ability to vape both flower and concentrate with a single device.

The Hydrology9 is not most products. A hefty handful of sleek technology, this vaporizer from Cloudious9 is not meant to travel in your pocket. It can be a centerpiece for your coffee table, the go-to when hosting guests, or a bedside companion likely to unseat most competitors as your new favorite. It all comes down to two simple things the Hydrology9 does better than the rest: aesthetics and filtration.

To the first point: This vape looks gorgeous. From the LED lights that cycle through five temperature settings — and, in doing so, give the appearance of handheld lava lamp — to the spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy body, this baby is a sight to behold. One problem that’s often plagued the more high-end options in the vaporizer market is concerns of durability, but no such worries here.

When first disassembling your Hydrology9, one may feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of parts, but be not afraid! The design here is actually quite simple, with a bottom piece that unscrews to enable access to the chamber for loading flower (this vape is for solid material only). That the bottom has a hook built into it for packing or digging out the chamber is just one of the many reasons this unit is a marvel of innovation.

The other reason is the onus for the vaporizer’s name: the Hydrology9 incorporates a water filtration component. Anyone who’s hit a bong or a bubbler will know what adding water to the mix will do. It cools down the smoke — or, in this case, vapor — and makes for a smoother inhalation. Part of the appeal of vaping in the first place was that vaporized cannabis is far less harsh on the lungs than smoke, but with water, it’s now buttery soft. While this reviewer can’t confirm Cloudious9’s assertion that the Hydrology9’s “Tunnel Tube” also provides for lower carcinogen intake, it does stand to reason that running vapor through water is likely to filter out at least some toxins.

Practically speaking, the Hydrology9 is lovely. After several uses, I found the middle of the five temperature operations to produce the ideal hit, but it’s always nice to have options depending on how much vapor you like to draw. After filling the water chamber, there was no evidence of any leaks, even when the unit was turned upside down, left sideways, or casually jostled about. It does take a few moments to reach one’s desired temperature, but a clever system of LED lights make it easy to track when the vape is ready to go. The chamber is also fairly small, but experience tells us that the ideal session requires fresh flower, so having to reload is hardly a major inconvenience.

While it’s hard to imagine toting the Hydrology9 around, the device does come with an optional leather carrying case that is both unassuming and elegant. Cloudious9 also offers a number of specific replacement elements, from the borosilicate glass cylinder tube to the rotating stir cover, meaning if any piece does fracture or wear out, you are not on the hook to replace the entire unit.

Coming in at a cost of $249.99, this vaporizer is one of the more expensive options on the market. The fact that it appears to be worth every penny is really all you need to know. The Hydrology9 won’t be for everyone, but if you are someone who likes quality over convenience and cannabis accessories that lean closer to iPhones than blunt wraps, look no further.


Hydrology9 by Cloudious9. $249.99; cloudious9.com