Heavy Hitters 1G Vape Cartridge

Are vapes now a throwback to a more uncertain time?

A funny thing happened when legal cannabis arrived. Before that, consumers were never sure exactly what they were getting. How potent was the brownie you bought from a friendly stranger at Golden Gate Park? Could you really trust that the eighth you purchased from that neighborhood dealer was truly Berry White?

Then came Proposition 215 in 1996, and with it, regulations that offered assurances about aspects of cannabis ranging from origin to strength. Following the success of Proposition 64, things got even more nuanced. Nowadays when we walk into a dispensary, we can be as picky as we want. The business of modern cannabis is now more akin to a visit to Whole Foods (minus Amazon), with customers able to voice their preference for certain dosages, terpene profiles, and more.

However, while edibles and flower are more carefully controlled than ever before, you can’t help but see a parallel between the mystery brownies of yesterday and the highly successful vape cartridge market of today. To be clear, the oils featured in these cartridges are certainly labeled and tested with the same veracity as other forms of cannabis, but based on personal experience alone, the results are far more chaotic.

Take, for instance, Heavy Hitters’ line of one gram “high-potency” vape cartridges. Despite the fact that many brands continue to emphasize the power of their products — a contrast to the rising demand for more low-dose, “micro” options — not all oils are created equal. Sometimes one may boast of its ability to get the job done with aplomb, but consumers can rest assured that when it comes to Heavy Hitters, the name is not simply lip-service.

Using my trusty Jeremy Fish “Fish Tanks” battery as a base, I took a hit of Strawberry Cough fully prepared to follow it up with another. Such plans were unnecessary: One puff from a Heavy Hitters cartridge is all that anyone but the most seasoned pot-smokers will need for a substantial and lasting body high.

The taste wasn’t overly infused with strawberry, but that’s fine by me. Enhancing the flavor profiles of oils with artificial flavoring has never been a recipe for success in my book — and the folks at Heavy Hitters appear to agree.

Available in 20 varieties that include Pink Kush, Northern Lights, Grape Ape, and Skywalker OG, Heavy Hitters are not concerned with subtlety. While not overpowering, you shouldn’t indulge in a session if you hope to be productive at any point during the next two hours. It pairs well with a couch and some streaming, but in Strawberry Cough’s case at least, it’s not an option for increased creativity or socializing.

While it’s certainly unfair to accuse a product that calls itself “Heavy Hitters” of engaging in false advertising, you should never take a label’s proclamations as gospel truth. This is partially because different strains affect us differently, but it also reflects a new undeniable truth in the industry: We’re all still discovering how we’ll react to vaporizing cannabis and should proceed with appropriate caution.

Potency: Strong! One hit of a Heavy Hitters vape cartridge will have you flying high. Proceed with caution.

Smell: The Strawberry Cough cartridge I sampled didn’t smell like much besides concentrated cannabis, which is honestly fine by me. This is definitely a product that has an aroma and thus not one to be taken out and about if smelling like cannabis is a concern.

Taste: Again, the strawberry notes were minimal at best, but I always prefer no taste to an artificial alternative. Vape cartridges should not be Starbursts. Essentially, it tastes of potent, compact cannabis.

Appearance: Standard vape cartridge that will fit with any generic battery pen.

Medical Application: Heavy Hitters is definitely a brand that caters more to getting you super-high rather than focusing on any element of nuance. That said, some folks do require a very sizeable dose to experience relief. If that’s you, Heavy Hitters might be something to consider.

Effect: A classic “in the couch” high that will have you uninterested in doing much more than watching television and snacking copiously.


Heavy Hitters 1G vape cartridges retail for $60, available at dispensaries throughout the Bay Area.