Get This: Marvina’s Pot-of-the-Month Club Offers Cannabis With Class

Cannabis connoisseurs rejoice: There’s a new weed-delivery option catered exclusively to you. San Francisco-based Marvina is a new marijuana delivery service in the city, but with a twist: It aims to deliver a mix of new top-shelf strains every month, hand-selected for customers.

“Some people love the interaction with the budtender,” Marvina co-founder Dane Pieri told SF Evergreen. Pieri and fellow co-founder Derek Dahmer thought some people may appreciate a different way to pick strains.

“Some people prefer to make decisions on their own time,” Pieri said. They want to take away the choice overload of a dispensary.

Marvina, then, is a way to educate nascent cannabis connoisseurs on the best strains out there.
It’s like a wine-of-the-month club, only you’ll be swapping the grapes for grapes (that’s purple weed to you, bud). Customers can select either 7, 14, or 28 grams of cannabis for Marvina to deliver on a regular schedule, costing $95, $175, or $325 a month, respectively. Users signing up do have to scan or take a snapshot of their medical marijuana credentials, and must present their identification upon delivery (because you know, laws and stuff).

When signing up, customers can chose between Sativa and Indica, a favored dispensary, and the amount of cannabis they’d like delivered. After that, the mix of strains you get is all up to that dispensary.
And some of the dispensaries use organic methods, and grow in natural soil instead of hydroponics.

“A lot of people prefer soil-grown,” Pieri said. “It has a better taste and cleaner burn.”

But that’s the appeal: Experts choose the best strains they can find so you don’t have to.

It’s most definitely convenient. The company’s delivery map highlights all of San Francisco, so you can get deliveries from SoMa to the Sunset.

And Marvina is adding a twist on cannabis delivery in one more way, as it offers premium packaging.

“We think packaging in the cannabis industry generally has a long way to go,” Pieri said. “You spend a few hundred dollars and you get a Ziploc bag inside of a paper bag, stapled shut. We wanted to normalize cannabis and make it an everyday thing.”

So order up some Marvina, and start educating yourself on cannabis strains, with class.

This post is sponsored by Marvina.