Get This: Grandma’s Goodies Delivers Caring Cannabis

Grandma’s Goodies is a marijuana delivery service on the way up, but maybe that’s because of its mission: helping patients through low prices, professionalism, and compassion.

Based in the East Bay, Grandma’s Goodies first launched in August 2013. Christian and Shawn, friends and natives of the Bayview area, founded the company. When the company started, they made all the deliveries on their own, but since have expanded Grandma’s Goodies to four drivers and five dispatchers serving all of San Francisco, with sights set on expanding throughout the Bay Area. Right now, they have more than a thousand patients.

And the business not only survived but expanded, despite charging anywhere from $30 to $35 for most of their eighths, and between $135 and $185 for an ounce.

“We make just enough to pay our drivers and our dispatchers. If there’s something left over we put it back into the community,” Christian said. The motivation for low prices came from the pair’s experience with family.

Christian’s grandmother died of cancer, as did his good friend. His brother is alive but HIV-positive. When his brother needed to develop an appetite, marijuana was the key to helping him eat healthily. And Shawn’s uncle ate edibles while struggling with cancer, which Shawn said gave him a few more years of life.

Those experiences were a light bulb for the two friends.

“People on fixed incomes can’t get meds,” Christian said. “And some businesses get rich on the backs of patients.”

So Grandma’s Goodies strives to be the opposite, and puts the focus on patients. It offers a 20-percent discount for all military veterans, and a 20-percent compassion discount for verified low-income patients.

A patient must have a legal 215 card matched with California ID. Grandma’s Goodies then verifies the doctor still has his or her license, and then confirms that the doctor’s recommendation is valid. The level of professionalism often surprises people, Christian said.

“There’s a stigma to [cannabis], and that bothers me,” he said. They’re trying to help patients in what is known as a get-rich industry. It’s a stereotype they know well. As SF Evergreen drove along with Grandma’s Goodies, we saw a different story.
Christian drove, and Shawn had an iPad in hand, preparing for the next patient’s order. We crossed from Hayes Valley to the Outer Richmond, and pulled over just by the beach.

After slipping the cannabis delivery into a discreet white baggie, Christian stepped out in his shiny loafers. The professionally dressed Christian walked briskly up to the patient’s door, iPad in hand.

The patient walked out, smiled, and the pair chatted about the unusually warm weather for the ever-foggy Outer Richmond District. He swiped her credit card, and then off we went.

“We try to be there within two hours,” he said back in the truck, checking the next patients on a list on his iPad. “The next patient has Fruity Pebbles, and a little something extra: the new patient hook-up.”

And Grandma’s Goodies is planning a little something extra not only for its patients but, soon, for the homeless too.

The company is now planning its first event on 420 at a venue they’ve yet to choose, somewhere in San Francisco. It’s in talks with artists now, which sounds like it’ll be a mix of a few big names, with a lot of local artists. Shawn owns a record label, and the pair has deep ties in the record industry.

But the 420 concert is also a food drive for the homeless, and at least according to current plans, Grandma’s Goodies will front the cost of the concert — the only entry price will be the suggested donation of a can of food.

“We try to make sure we’re taking care of our patients at all times,” Christian said. But before the food drive, the music, and the care, it starts with one simple concept, they said: ”We keep our prices low.”

You can find Grandma’s Goodies on, or email at Call for delivery at (844) 415-2837.

This post is sponsored by Grandma’s Goodie