Gear Review: Bloom Farms’ Highlighter Plus

Bloom Farms upgrades its premium Highlighter vape pen with a sleek new design, a sturdier build with a stronger battery, and vastly more potent oil.

We refer to disposable vape pens as “disposable” because they tend to not last long and their workmanship is generally shoddy. But some disposable vape pens are so magnificently crafted that they can keep burning replacement vape cartridges pretty much in perpetuity.

The Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus is one of those long-term keepers. An upgrade to the Bloom Farms Highlighter, it was released in late 2017 — but Bloom Farms is now introducing new lines of strain-specific vape cartridges that will soon land on dispensary shelves.

This sleekly designed vape pen is built like a tank, with an unassuming “rounded end” appearance that does not indicate its narcotic nature. The pen set comes as an all-in-one unit — pen, oil, and charger — on which you can toke from immediately right out of the box.

There is no button; you just inhale. Seven tiny blue LED lights fire up to confirm you’re getting a hit.

The pen and the cartridge are both “industry standard” designed, and interchangeable with other companies’ pens or cartridge refills. But the half-gram of C02 distillate that comes with Highlighter Plus is a step above most, and it has no smell — so you can totally get away with vaping it wherever you please.

SF Weekly tried a distillate mix of AC/DC and Jack Herer that will be exclusive to delivery service Eaze in the coming weeks. They’ll have other strain-specific hybrids too, but their general Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica blends are already available now at various Bay Area dispensaries and delivery services.

The Highlighter Plus comes packaged in an exceptionally handsome gift box. You may want to keep it there. The vape pen and the charger are much nicer than the leftovers you probably have floating around in that drawer where you throw your old vape accessories, and you’ll want to pull out these reliables again and again.

Bloom Farms donates a meal to families in need for every product you purchase, so that’s one reason to favor their vape pens. But the real reason you’ll want to drop around $60 (plus local taxes) on this all-in-one vape pen kit is that the pen and charger will last — and impress your fellow smokers — for many years to come.

Potency: The THC content varies between 75 to 90 percent, depending on the oil. Your normal store-bought weed is around 20 percent THC, so this stuff is dynamite.

Smell: There is no smell whatsoever, even when smoked! You’ll understand this offers advantages in certain situations.

Taste: The slightest of terpene-y tastes, if those words even mean anything to you. If not, let’s just say “almost no flavor.”

Appearance: The pen is exquisitely simple and well-built, with a dazzling LED light display when inhaled upon. This is one of the most goddamned beautiful vape pens you or any of your friends will ever own.

Medical Application: A super discreet way to smoke incredibly powerful marijuana product, and no one around you can smell a thing.

Effect: The new lines of strain-specific oils will be your current favorite flavors of the month. The pen and charger will be reliable standbys that you’ll use again and again for years.


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