Ganja Gold’s Birthday Cake Kush

OK, first things first. Does this resin actually taste like birthday cake? Yes. I know this sounds hard to believe, and I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first, too. But it’s true. Sweet, with a syrupy aftertaste, this strain of Ganja Gold kush is about the closest you can get to “smoking” birthday cake. And I would know

Though I’m by no means a weed expert, I am an expert when it comes to most things that are birth- day-cake-flavored. I’ve tried more versions of birthday-cake ice cream than I can count (the best is still Cold Stone Creamery’s), and I’ve also consumed birthday-cake-flavored gummies, bubble gum, protein powder, and even wine.

So, while this resin doesn’t exactly scream “birthday cake!” it tastes a helluva lot closer to it than any other strain I’ve tried. There’s absolutely no hint of weed flavoring at all, which makes smoking this strain (which I did using Ganja Gold’s incredibly easy-to-use vape pen) more reminiscent of sucking on a hookah than you’d expect.

This kush gives you more of a body high than a head high, which can work in your favor or not, depending on what you want. On some days when

I smoked this, I was so in touch with my body that I could feel the sore- ness and aches in my muscles from my workout earlier in the morning. (Which I actually like because then

I know I worked out hard enough.) I then tried working out on the stuff, and though I wasn’t super hyper and

pumped about working up a sweat, I felt incredibly aware of every muscle and ligament in my body, which made the more tedious aspects of my workout (like deadlifts and planks) all the more thrilling because I could actually feel the effect it was having on my body.

On the other hand, there were times when I smoked this and sim- ply fell asleep because my body felt so fuzzy and relaxed. (Keep in mind that these smoking sessions usually occurred after returning home from a long day at work, so who knows if it was the weed or my stressful work day that caused me to zonk out so quickly).

Overall, this is a weed that tastes great and is rather mild considering that it doesn’t fuck with your head or your ability to think clearly. And sure, eating birthday cake would taste a lot better than smoking this strain, but Ganja Gold did a pretty good job of recreating the taste. And don’t forget: There’s no calories, either.


Light-yellow syrupy liquid in a glass cartridge.


Slightly sweet, but the scent is very subtle.


A cross between a sugar cookie and maple syrup.


Body pains and aches, especially in joints and muscles.


Mild body high that doesn’t affect your ability to think clearly.


Perfect for those who aren’t a fan of how weed tastes or want to try something kooky and different.

SCORE: 5/5

Potency: 70% THC, 0.2% CBD