Finally! Cookies Makes Cookies for Edible-Munching Stoners

The ubiquitous local pot brand has released batches of actual infused cookies, and these could be festival season’s new edible favorite.

The often-imitated, never-duplicated Bay Area cannabis brand Cookies has been credited with inventing the seminal Girl Scout Cookies strain, but the cult-following streetwear and marijuana company co-founded by rapper and Sunset District native Berner has never baked or sold real, edible cookies.

Until now.   

Cookies by Cookies are just beginning to arrive in San Francisco dispensaries, in three different varieties of Cherry Pie, Cookies & Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. The company also launched a new line of infused Blue Hawaiian gummies this summer.

The cookies are made in a partnership with Big Pete’s, a well-known Santa Cruz brand familiar to local dispensary shoppers. The expertise shows, as these cookies are prepared with full-spectrum cannabis butter instead of the oil distillate most edibles use.

Cookies’ cookies come as a bag of ten baked treats in a resealable zipper-lock plastic pouch sturdy enough to carry at events or festivals with reasonable certainty that the contents won’t be destroyed. These soft-batch cookies might stick together or encounter some breakage under challenging outdoor conditions, but overall, they’re in solid portable packaging.

The biscuits start cracking with psychoactive effects within 30 to 45 minutes of consumption. New users may want to start with just half of the 10-mg THC cookie, while regular stoners will probably eat two.

Cookies by Cookies are an affordable pick-up, at $25 for the 10-pack (before state and local taxes), a very agreeable price for 100 milligrams of THC in any form.

If you’re entertaining or picnicking with a group, the novelty of Cookies by Cookies will dazzle anyone who recognizes the logo. You won’t get a remarkable high that you’ll rave about for weeks, but these cookies are a newbie-accessible, one-size-fits-all crowd pleaser that will generate delight well beyond the modest investment.

The novelty value alone of Cookies by Cookies is worth an impulse purchase. But their spot-on execution in form and packaging could make Cookies the surprise edible hit of the summer.

Potency: The 10 mg of THC per cookie is the standard serving size for any single edible treat. Just eat more of them if you wish to dial up the dope factor.

Smell: Each flavor has the normal characteristic scent of that cookie. Only if you stick your nose in a full bag and take a deep sniff will you notice any skunky smell.

Taste: These babies taste just like their non-infused regular cookie counterparts; they’re not as addictively delicious as literal Girl Scout Cookies, but totally hold their own compared to any non-artisan cookie brand like Nabisco or Pepperidge Farm.

Appearance: Perfectly round, 2.5-inch circumference, traditional-looking cookies, packaged in a bright, colorful, sturdy zip-bag festooned with Cookies’ well-recognized “cursive C” logo.    

Medical Application: You’ll get both a body buzz and a head high from these baked treats, though they’re better suited for recreational day-tripping than targeted medical effects.

Effect: Cookies by Cookies are a great shareable snack pot product that will turn heads, and introducing people to this fresh new find will be a treat unto itself.


Available in San Francisco at the Green Door. Visit cookiescalifornia.com for details.