Elyon Cannabis Puts Your Mind in a Sonoma State

This is one the most elegant budget-priced eighth-ounces of quality flower you’ll find on dispensary shelves today.

The Wine Country character of Sonoma won’t be bottled up by just grapes, as Sonoma County cannabis is growing its own distinct reputation as an appellation. One flower line popping up more and more frequently at San Francisco dispensaries is a Sonoma-grown brand called Elyon Cannabis, notable for its distinctive black and gold color scheme and Illuminati eye-in-the-triangle logo.

But it’s more than just the box design that makes Elyon Cannabis stand out. Barely over $30 for an eighth (before your state and local taxes are applied) is an excellent price for any crap weed, let alone cannabis of very good distinction the likes of what Elyon Cannabis has to offer.

Elyon Cannabis’ eighths come in 16 different strains of flower, though your local dispensary or delivery outlet’s supply may vary. The company also makes prerolls and cartridges, generally using the same well-known strains as seen in their flower selection.

What makes picking one out easier is how Elyon Cannabis puts little sun and moon icons on each strain’s label to indicate “Daytime,” “Nighttime,” or “Anytime” effects. We tried an “Anytime” called Lemon Larry and a “Nighttime” iteration on the well-known strain Zkittles, both of which were phenomenal quality for the price point.

The buds are clearly carefully trimmed, and each jar generally contains one of those exceptionally large “killer nugs” that you’ll want to pull out and show off to everybody because it’s so big and beautiful.

It’s not a criticism when we say the flower itself is quite dry; these are incredibly thick and dense buds, they burn like a Kingsford charcoal briquette, and the same packed bowl will keep blazing for several hittings. Rolling a joint with flower this thick will certainly require a grinder.

The childproof packaging smartly creates very little waste. The eighth-ounce jar is comically much larger than it needs to be, but every piece of the packaging is recyclable (once you’ve emptied the eighth-jar of weed, of course, which you will pretty quickly).

Elyon Cannabis is a very competitively priced eighth of outstanding nugs in attractive packaging that does not generate throw-away plastic. It’s likely to be one of your new favorite Wine Country exports, and we recommend enjoying a bouquet of this flower.

Potency: The strains can vary anywhere from 16-percent to 25-percent THC, but the few strains we sampled were flower of consistently high quality.

Smell: A very faint pine scent that’s barely noticeable, given the dryness of the flower.

Taste: Lemon Larry was more oaky than citrus-flavored. Zkittles is a far fruitier variety with a chef’s-kiss aftertaste.

Appearance: These are muscular and meticulously trimmed nuggets, served in an eighth-jar that’s quite handsome (although not compact enough to easily take on the go).

Medical Application: The mood alteration, creativity, and frontal cortex buzz effects are pleasantly powerful, with some physical relaxation in the shoulders and arms.

Effect: Elyon Cannabis delivers quality smoke-outs at a startlingly competitive price, in packaging that reminds you how far we’ve come since your dealer’s old plastic sandwich bags.


Available in San Francisco at the Harvest Off Mission. Visit elyoncannabis.com for details.

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