Edible Review: Bomb Chips

From the archetypal “magic brownie” to more elaborate dessert items like truffles and ice cream, there’s no shortage of edible medicine for medical cannabis patients who have a sweet tooth.

But those looking for savory medicinal snacks have far fewer options, which is what motivated Nick, the founder of Dream King edibles, to create Bomb Chips.

Bomb Chips are medicated potato chips that truly live up to their name. With a wide array of traditional chip flavors available in single serving 120 mg THC bags or full-size 1,000 mg bags, these marijuana crisps could serve as a discrete solo snack or the centerpiece of a medicated movie or game night with friends.

And for those seeking something sweet and unusually delicious, the chocolate-coated chips are a real treat. Milk, dark and white chocolate base flavors are coupled with fillings like peanut butter to transform chips into sweet, salty delicacies with a slightly less potent 100mg dosing.

Appearance: Depends on the variety and flavor, but with the savory flavors you get exactly the texture and appearance you’d expect from a typical unmedicated potato chip. The habanero chips have a slightly stronger crunch, similar to a kettle chip. The coated chips have a smooth chocolate exterior with attractive accents, ranging from sprinkled spices to a drizzles of more chocolate in a contrasting color. The texture is crunchy, thanks to the chip inside, but that crunchiness is offset by soft chocolate and filling ingredients like peanut butter.

Flavor: When it comes to flavors, Bomb Chips has something for anyone who digs potato chips. Dream King, the edible company behind Bomb Chips, is constantly perfecting flavors and exploring new ones. But all the old favorites are there, including BBQ, ranch, and salt & vinegar. The coated chips are delicious, and none of the pieces I tried had any oxidized or dried out chocolate. Likewise, the peanut butter in my favorite coated flavor wasn’t crumbly, but the texture of real, fresh peanut butter.

Aroma: Again, flavor specific, but because of the high-quality ingredients used, the aroma is very similar to the flavor. The coated chips have an especially nice smell, like walking into a chocolate shop.

Effect: The medication on all the Bomb Chip varieties is clean, fast, and effective. The dosing isn’t especially high, possibly in anticipation of people’s tendency to eat a whole bag of chips.

Medical Applicability: I personally don’t like to draw a hard line between “medical” and “recreational” use. If getting high relieves your ailment and/or makes you feel better in general, call it whatever you want to call it, just keep it up. That said, patients in need of 1,000 mg of THC at a time have many healthier, more practical options available than eating an entire full-size bag of chips. But for the patient in need of only a modest dose, the 120 mg of THC in a personal serving savory bag might be just the discrete delivery system they need in their lunch box. The effects are clean and consistent, matching or surpassing those of similarly dosed edibles from other companies.

Overall Impressions: With everybody in the cannabis industry eyeing possible legalization in 2016, it’s easy to imagine potato chips dominating the recreational edibles market in the same way they dominate the traditional snack industry. Only time will tell if Dream King becomes the Frito-Lay of legal edibles, but one thing is certain, those chips are seriously bomb.

Available at
Waterfall Wellness, San Francisco
Phytologie, Oakland

Photo by Greg Zeman