Eden Extracts Battery

Eden Extracts Diamond Line: Pens You Can Depend On

A welcome dose of affordable yet sleek hardware for vaporizer fans.

Over the past several years, I’ve come to realize that what defines a good reusable vaporizer pen is not how it appears fresh out of the box but how it works after months of steady use. Sometimes, the units with the most bells-and-whistles are also the ones that are first to malfunction. Maybe it’s something aesthetic, or perhaps a vital part starts to fail. Whatever the case may be, I’ve now reached the point where consistency and reliability weigh far more heavily than how pretty something looks.

With the release of Eden Extracts’ Diamond Line battery, patrons can now have the best of both worlds. As many other products have previously done, the exterior of this battery is clearly inspired by the white, sleek, simple mantra that defines many of Apple’s most popular devices.

The Diamond Line battery is slim but sturdy. It’s able to produce deep, satisfying pulls, but it can also work for a quick pick-me-up or to sustain a buzz already in progress. Obviously, the battery is only part of the equation, but before we move onto the oil, it should be noted that Eden Extracts’ Diamond Line battery has never wavered in its performance despite nearly daily use over the course of nearly six months.

At a time when environmental concerns are paramount, having a pen that won’t need to be replaced in short order is no minor achievement.

Eden Extracts also gets top marks for their oils, which can be enjoyed with any third-party vaporizer battery but honestly seem to perform best when paired with a Diamond Line battery. Although it’s available in 14 blends, I will focus on Eden Extracts’ Sunset Sherbert oil — which is, simply put, delicious.

With a citrus taste and a very smooth hit time after time, this oil is a fantastic choice for anyone who desires an uplifting high that won’t sideline you from other activities. You could easily see a hit of Sunset Sherbert even enhancing a leisurely outdoor activity — a seemingly rare attribute in a field full of contenders eager to knock you on your butt.

Taken together, Eden Extracts has created something that justifies its existence. With dispensary shelves and online marketplaces stuffed to the gills with batteries and oils of varying quality, it can be hard to understand what needs could possibly still be unmet and thus worthy of a new product intended to address them.

In the case of the Diamond Line battery and Sunset Sherbert oil, the answer is something remarkably simple: a pen that offers a soft, warm high and doesn’t concern itself with anything else. There are no settings to calibrate or instructions to pour over. Simply take a hit, and enjoy.

Potency: Mild to moderate. Anyone new to cannabis can feel safe taking a small hit of Sunset Sherbert, while seasoned consumers can enjoy this oil when the occasion calls for something on the lighter side.

Appearance: The Diamond Line battery is white, with an easy-to-find button. It looks elegant but doesn’t suffer from the added weight or impractical shape of many top-shelf pens.

Medical Application: Eden Extracts’ Sunset Sherbert oil is a great remedy for mild complaints. If you’re feeling a little down or want to stimulate your curiosity, this is an excellent option. Those requiring more substantial relief will likely require a more potent oil.

Effect: Serene. This oil lent itself to writing, yoga, and warm conversation. Mainly a mind high, Sunset Sherbert has a light touch that comes on slowly and never overstays its welcome.


Eden Extracts Diamond Line batteries and Sunset Sherbert oil are available at Bay Area dispensaries.