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Durban Poison

Being a lifelong fan of landrace strains living in a world monopolized by hybrids, I was pleasantly surprised to find a “true” cut of Durban Poison. It was reminiscent of running into an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while.

A landrace is a strain that has grown “wild” in a specific region of the world, in isolation from other strains of cannabis — a sort of “original” cannabis. Often these strains have been inbreeding without interruption for decades, in some cases for centuries — such as strains from the Hindu Kush Valley region of Pakistan and Afghanistan (in Durban’s case, the strain originated from South Africa). Isolation allows these strains to develop in a way that gives them the best chance for survival in their original regions. Coincidentally, this development also enhances the strain’s efficacy and terpene profiles, often resulting in exquisite aromas and unequaled potencies.

The Bloom Room’s cut is my personal favorite of different Durban Poison cuts offered around the city. (This has very different qualities from the “F1” phenotype of Durban that is supposedly a parent of Cookies.)

It’s exquisite in every way. It offers an immediate, concentrated, crystal-clear high that has staying power. A few hits give me all the relief I need for hours, and I have a 32-year-long history of heavy cannabis use. Needless to say, I have a very high tolerance level and this cut delivers effects quickly and thoroughly, as though I was a novice again. Soaring highs and no couch lock at all, this is a pure Sativa of the highest quality.

Round, chunky, slightly elongated light green nugs with a minimal amount of orange pistils. On close inspection of the trichomes, they showed themselves to be short-stalked with bulbous heads, revealing a perfect ratio of clear/cloudy/amber trichomes. The trichome coverage of these nugs is substantial but their short stature makes them appear somewhat sparse to the unaided eye.

Being 100 percent sativa, this Durban delivers a soaring and very energetic head high with little body impact. The effects are immediate and begin with a surge of mental energy, followed by a lucid, clear and thorough euphoria. The “clear” effects include mental sharpness and focus. Concentration is improved, and very little is required to get there.

It holds a complex, concentrated aroma of pine and mint, with subtle hints of black licorice. Coming out of the grinder, the aroma can quickly fill an indoor space.

The ash burns to a soft, light grey powder that falls without effort. An indicator of a medicine with no left over nutrients or impurities. The taste is identical to the aroma. Pine, mint, and black licorice on the inhale and exhale.

Medical Applicability:
The user is highly medicated but free to explore his/her creativity in depth. An exceptional medicine for the musician seeking muse, or the artist who’s been staring at a blank canvas too long, or simply to enjoy the company of loved ones. Due to its energetic and mood lifting ability, it would also be very useful in patients with depression. Very helpful in improving concentration and focus for patients with ADD.

Overall Impression:
This cut is top-shelf in every way and delivers like an obsessed mailman. My all-time favorite daytime medication. A true boutique cut that is a must for aficionados of pure sativas.

20% THC/ 0.3% CBD.

Bloom Room
471 Jessie St.
$20/gram $60/eighth $115/quarter

Photo by Jessica Christian