The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

The HAL 9000 of vaporizers — without the murder.

I’ve always been a fan of pretty lights.

Whether you’re taking in the show at Disneyland or stumbling in a stupor through the casinos of Las Vegas, fancy lights are just candy for the eyes. Perhaps the creators of the DaVinci IQ vaporizer caught on to this, because their unit can do some seriously cool tricks.

A pocket-sized device, the IQ fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, which is exactly where you’ll want it to be before powering it up. Although many vaporizers currently available employ lights as a display shorthand — one for low temp, green for ready, et cetera — the IQ has them all skunked in terms of sheer design.

Naturally, the face of the unit will show between one and four “bricks” of white light to indicate temperature, but with a click it will also display the specific degree your device’s oven is currently set to and even show the outline of a battery when your IQ is running low on power. These are simple pleasures but the expert way in which the designers of the IQ have executed them is a reflection of this unit’s meticulously crafted design.

Another cool aspect is the top chamber, which can be filled with either extra flower to stash for later or aromatic elements intended to infuse with your vapor and create a unique (and hopefully delicious) taste. The over itself is located in the bottom of the device, where a marble shaped piece helps compact your herb. The design here makes cleaning the oven a breeze — an element one should never underestimate when considering a vaporizer’s full value.

Want more? Well the IQ’s got it.

The unit comes packaged with the requisite charging cable, but also includes alcohol wipes, a chimney brush, a keychain tool, a 10-millimeter adapter, and a carry can. The can is a very nice touch for anyone who wants to bring a second helping of green with them on the go.

There are also some impressive additional accessories that really do create the possibility of the IQ becoming the one and only vaporizer you need. There is a water adaptor for adding an extra layer of smoothness to your drags, a very convenient carrying case, and more. Normally, I’m not one to be bowled over by add-ons, but I’ve tried them all and they really do deliver.

Now on to the main event: the smoking experience.

The IQ hits like a dream. It’s consistent, slow, and delicious. The ceramic zirconia makes a big difference here, and noticeably preserves the flavor of your flower. It does require some frequent refills — the bowl size isn’t terribly generous — but this is likely by design, given how plant that’s continually refried begins to lose its luster quickly.

As we’ve come to expect in 2018, there’s an app for the IQ as well, but to my immense relief, it’s really unnecessary. The four temperature settings were more than adequate for my purposes. Still, for anyone dead-set on dialing in their heat, the app does the job with ease.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying most of the vaporizers out there, and the IQ is the first unit since the PAX 3 that I think has a right to be considered for the distinction of “Best Vaporizer on the Market.” It isn’t just the lights — although they are awesome — but the whole experience: quality, ease of use, aesthetics, and innovation. The IQ has it all.

Straight up, you can even get this thing personally engraved.

The price tag of $274.99 may turn some people off, but it’s really a savings compared to buying a far inferior model over and over again. Treat yourself to something that will last — and entertain you while it works.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars