Could this be the world’s oldest bong?

By Oscar Pascual |

You may smoke one and/or spill its putrid used water daily, but did you ever stop to think about the historical origin of the bong?

The question was posed recently when a Reddit user claimed to have found an ancient African relic while scuba diving, reports the National Marijuana News.

After providing pictures of a crusty old water pipe for fellow Redditors, the particular piece was found to be a replication of a bong design that traces all the way back to the 18th century.

Could the original be the world’s first bong?

According to DabsMag, the answer is “no.”

They found that the earliest written record of anyone using bongs dates back to the 16th Century Ming Dynasty in China, which was a major cultural hub for cannabis and hemp cultivation at the time. It also wouldn’t be a bad guess to say that bongs originate from Asia, since they’re designed to work similarly to a hukkah.

But according to archaeologist J.C. Dombrowski, the bong actually did come from Africa. Although its use was never historically documented, similar water pipes and devices found in Ethiopia and other parts of eastern and central Africa have been carbon dated as early as the 1300s.

The fact that Africans were getting stoned some 200 years prior to China’s recorded history of pot means that bongs did indeed originate from Africa, making the Redditor’s find a legitimate historical artifact, if only it were several hundred years older.

Regardless of its more recent age, this old bong is still one cool find.




Photo credit: National Marijuana News