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Chic Cannabis Carrying

Like it or not, women smoke weed. Tons of it — we just won’t talk about it, probably because of the double standard we have suffered for years when doing what men also do. If you smoke, you’re less responsible, immature, not a lady, probably don’t have a career, and — of course — a bad mother.

Some people know there is a large and neglected market of sophisticated, fashionable, and successful marijuana-smoking consumers — who also happen to be women. To cater to this market, Jeanine Moss created AnnaBís, a fashion brand that offers chic, leather accessories for those who don’t believe in cheap tins and baggies.

“Women are always stigmatized for unconventional behavior more than men,” Moss says. “Probably it’s because we’re the keepers of the culture, the ones who raise the children.”

Seeing her and her friends were luxury consumers still carrying their weed in plastic bags, Moss saw a business opportunity.

“We started AnnaBís after a night on the town with the girls, all of us carrying our fine Prada, Fendi, and Louis Vuitton purses,” she explains. “One of us revealed that she knew we all enjoyed cannabis, so we were all digging in our bags and pulling out baggies, looking for paraphernalia, and no one had a lighter! We said to ourselves, ‘We have beautiful wallets, eyeglass cases and phone cases — why don’t we have anything nice to carry our cannabis?’”

An exhaustive search for fashionable weed vessels ensued. When nothing appeared to be available on the market, “we committed to being the first company to make something with fashion, function and Odor-Loc technology,” says Moss. What is Odor-Loc, you ask?

“Layers of resin film that holds odors in, then a multitude of nips and tucks and water-tight zippers to make sure the odor stays where it belongs.”

The result is discreet, stylish makeup-style bags and cute bucket bags made from Italian leather, with no indicator of its marijuanatastic purpose. AnnaBís will expand its current product line to include vegan options, and what Moss calls” more neutral, tomboy versions” of their offerings.