Cannabis hangovers are real

The majority of people who use cannabis before they fall asleep tend to wake up rather refreshed and energized, but can marijuana use actually lead to a hangover?

The answer is “yes,” according to a 1985 study by the National Institute of Health:

“Acutely, active marijuana produced significant changes in heart rate, CO level, various measures of subjective effects, and behavioral tasks of card sorting, free recall and time production. When the test battery was repeated the following morning (approx. 9 h after smoking), significant changes were observed on two subjective effects scales and on the time production task after active, but not placebo, marijuana. These apparent ‘hangover’ effects were different from the acute effects of marijuana. The findings suggest that marijuana smoking can produce residual (hangover) effects the day after smoking. The precise nature and extent of these effects, as well as their practical implications, remain to be determined.”

But while marijuana may induce feelings of a hangover, the effects are still not nearly as substantial as with alcohol use. Even Elite Daily posted 10 steps to recovering from a weed hangover that ultimately ends with smoking another blunt.

Here’s a few signs that you might have a marijuana hangover and how to remedy them:


This is the most clear-cut sign of a pot hangover, as too many bong hits can actually dehydrate the body, which can lead to headaches. Just make sure to drink plenty of water during your smoke sessions.

Brain Fog

Smoking lots of pot can decrease cognitive function. The effect paired with dehydration can be enough to make your brain as cloudy as your apartment. It should be easily amended with a cup of coffee, some light exercise like a long walk, and a shower. You’ll find yourself much sharper and alert.


The dreaded cotton-mouth effect is produced when cannabinoids bind themselves with glands in our mouths, which makes them temporarily stop producing saliva. Make sure to have lots of water and other refreshing beverages around when smoking.

Irritated eyes

Marijuana-induced dehydration almost always affects eyes as well, giving you those red demon peepers that are a telltale sign of blazing ganja. Always make sure to keep some soothing eye drops on hand.

Photo credit: Flickr.com/ooohooh