Camouflage G Pro Could Improve

If Elmer Fudd ever needs a hand-held vaporizer while hunting rabbit, the zippered-nylon packaging of the DGK G Pro Herbal Vaporizer — which comes in an ammo crate-like box to complete the militaristic feel — coordinates nicely with his hunters’ camouflage.

Underneath the DGK-designed camo is the lithium ion battery-powered G Pro. It’s small, no longer than the span of most folks’ outstretched hand. It could double as a hand warmer when hunting rabbit on cold winter mornings.

When it comes to hand-held vaporizers for flower, this product puts the dual-functioning (concentrate/flower) vape pens to shame. Taste, vapor stream and combustion of flower are all excellent.

There are, however, difficulties with the G Pro that Steve Jobs would have anticipated. Jobs understood that the Elmer Fudds of the world don’t read instructions.

As such, after initially concluding his G Pro is broken, Bugs Bunny asked, with carrot in hand: “What’s up Doc? Did you read the instructions?” Of course not.

Once Elmer understood the standard instruction of “push button five-times”, the G Pro Herbal Vaporizer performed as advertised. With color-indicated temperature guide, rapid heating, and full incineration of flower, Elmer was about to yell “Eureka!” … when he felt a slight burning sensation.

The Apple guru would have anticipated his next problem: He was burning his lips on the mouthpiece.

Elmer rectified this issue when he looked into the inner pouch of his zippered-nylon bag and discovered extending-devices that attach to the mouth piece. While this remedied the burnt lip syndrome, Elmer was befuddled removing and attaching the mouthpiece itself. The instruction to “apply upward force”, resulted in poor Elmer shooting the piece into many rabbit holes. Next, Elmer struggled re-attaching the mouthpiece. With no clear “snap” signaling attachment, Elmer heated the device only to have the mouthpiece topple over again and again. Elmer found the mouthpiece itself of very scant design, including thin plastic that heats quickly and a mounted-metal-center device that perpetuates heat buildup. Steve Jobs would have made this a sturdy screw-top.


Cool Factor: You don’t need to be in the weeds to appreciate this camouflage device. It stands out.

Practicality:  Hand-held and effective in vaporizing bud; however, construction is lacking with the thin mouthpiece which creates difficulties in attaching and detaching for use.

Affordability:  At $119.95 for the skate company branding and design, it’s still within reach.

Overall: The DGK G Pro looks slick and is a good value for a flower vaporizer.

Score: 3.5/5

Available at: VapeWorld and

Photo by Natasha Dangood