California’s Democratic convention goes to pot

By Oscar Pascual |

The California Democratic Party holds its annual convention later this month in Anaheim. To wow its delegates, the Dems promise appearances from Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom — and weed.

Lots and lots of weed.

The Brownie Mary Democratic Club — California’s first chartered political club to make cannabis policy the central tenet of its platform — has announced that they’ll offer a hospitality suite for all convention-goers’ pleasure.

The activists behind the Brownie Mary Club are promising all kinds of marijuana-related activities and giveaways, with the intention of supporting and making sure mainstream Dems are on board with President Obama’s new policy of understanding “the science, as opposed to the ideology, on the issue,” as he discussed on Sanjay Gupta’s latest marijuana documentary on CNN, Weed 3.

Co-sponsored by the Humboldt County-based California Cannabis Unity Campaign of 2016, the Brownie Mary Club suite will feature Assemblyman Jim Wood as their keynote speaker. The Northern California representative will discuss the Marijuana Watershed Protection Act, which would impose environmental regulations on cannabis production.

The club will also posthumously honor Dr. Tod Mikuriya as “Physician of the 20th Century” for his contributions to the field of medical cannabis.

Not to be outdone by its invited guests, the Brownie Mary suite will also provide munchies such as brownies and ice cream, free samples of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps, and a bar that’s expected to host more than 3,000 delegates who attend the convention.

If that weren’t enough pot floating around at the state’s convention, an impressive amount of advocacy groups are also scheduled to attend, such as Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Safe Access, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, the Hemp Industries Association, VoteHemp, and California-NORML.

The Brownie Mary suite comes as a welcome change of events for the Democrats, despite the fact that the party has supported legalization at a clip of 70 percent or higher throughout the past five years, a Gallup poll shows.

Newsom is the state’s highest-placed elected official to endorse legalization, and as the current frontrunner to succeed Jerry Brown as governor in 2018, we guess he might stop by.

The annual California Democrats State Convention comes to Anaheim on May 15-17.

Photo credit: Wikipedia