Besito Disposable Vape Pens Lack Ideal Design But Have Great Oil

The sad truth is that in 2019, it’s hard to champion anything disposable. It’s an unfortunate caveat that must be made, especially when one takes into account the cannabis industry’s opportunity to define itself as eco-friendly and sustainable from the outset. It’s also only fair to note that were Besito not to exist, another disposable vape company would happily spring to life in its place. This doesn’t give anyone a free pass to ignore their duties to the planet, but the time to question the necessity of disposable products on a macro-level is a much larger conversation.

The message behind Besito is to keep things light.

All three flavors — Grapefruit, Mint, and Blackberry — utilize a formula of 2:1 THC to CBD from California-grown hybrid cannabis. Despite the fact that “microdosing” now feels more like a wellness hashtag than an actual means of enjoying the medicinal benefits of cannabis, Besito’s line of pens are basically microdoses of oil. One can hit a pen as many times as they’d like, but if you stick to moderate doses (as opposed to lung capacity monster hits), you’re not going to get very high. It’s easy to understand why some might prefer less potent effects, but I’m not convinced vaporizer pens will ever be their preferred mode of choice.

Given how many other ways there are to take in tiny amounts of cannabis — edibles, tinctures, balms, supplements — I suppose I just don’t see where vaporizers fit in.

For me, vaporizers have always offered a quick and economical method of ingesting high-potency product. Those are the characteristics I seek out in a vaporizer. To use a slightly rough analogy, low-dose vaporizer pens are akin to beer bongs filled with Evian. If you want to drink Evian, go for it, but is that really the most practical way to go about it?

One thing I can safely say would be a necessity were I to opt into a vaporizer approach to microdosing is a pocket-friendly design. If I’m going to buy into the usefulness of portable vape pen, I expect it to be slim and discreet. The Besito pen has a different concern in mind with its hexagonal design, which is intended to ensure the unit never rolls off the table (the tongue-in-cheek context being that when we get high, we tend to lose things).

Would it be impossible to walk around with a Besito in your Levi’s? No, but it protrudes in a way that the PAX Era and most oblong, generic vaporizer batteries do not. It may honestly come down to just how bulky you can tolerate your pockets being, but for a disposable pen to take up that much room and offer nothing extra beyond a cute failsafe for minor clumsiness or short-term memory loss is a little disappointing. For that extra real estate, you’d hope for an extended battery life or a ton of oil but neither appears to be the case.

What does rise to the challenge is the oil itself.

As mentioned, the Besito line currently includes three formulas (named for each pen’s primary flavor). Grapefruit is genuinely tasty, another piece of evidence in support of my theory that citrus translates incredibly well to concentrates. With 41.5 percent THC, you might expect a pretty heavy high, but as advertised, the sensations here are definitely on the lighter side. I felt a touch tired and a little giggly, but I wanted another dose almost as soon as I exhaled my first one. Being hungry for seconds isn’t inherently a bad thing, but in this case, it’s also because each dose has a very short shelf life.

The mint option is basically the same when it comes to ratios (all three pens feature nearly identical formulas), with roughly 40 percent THC to 20 percent CBD. The flavor is pleasant, landing somewhere closer to spearmint than anything you’d immediately (and possibly irrevocably) associate with toothpaste.

Berry flavor comes in third, failing to differentiate itself from the fructose insulin shock of bargain candy. Why it’s so difficult to properly translate the tang and sourness of berry I have no idea, but I’m not sure any cannabis product has truly succeeded on that front yet.

If you’re going to try a Besito, go for the grapefruit or mint. As long as you don’t need something strong, I can see how Besito pens would work as an “out and about for the day” accessory, but I’m still hesitant about its design. If it doesn’t bother you — and low-potency fits the bill — Besito is a quality option.

Potency: Grapefruit — 41.51 percent THC, 18.58 percent CBD; mint — 41.11 percent THC, 20.46 percent CBD; berry — 40.59 percent THC, 20.06 percent CBD.

Taste: The grapefruit is scrumptious, and the mint is solid as well. The berry is too sweet and artificial.

Effect: Pleasant if unremarkable. Heavy users may kill an entire pen in a day to achieve desired results, making Besito best suited for novice consumers and individuals who frequently lose things.


Available at Bay Area dispensaries. Learn more at besito.la.