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Are you smoking “Blood Weed”?

By Oscar Pascual |

The marijuana you smoke just might be tainted by the deaths of innocent people, according to author Don Winslow.

The New York Times bestselling author was interviewed by by HuffPost Live on Thursday to discuss his new novel, “The Cartel”, a fictional story based on true events about a DEA agent’s struggle in the failing War on Drugs.

Winslow believes that people should be aware of their pot’s origins, otherwise they might be supporting the work of vicious cartels.

“It’s always been blood weed,” Winslow told the Post.

Although cartel production of marijuana has declined considerably since legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana has spread in over half of the U.S., the drug trade still continues to supply marijuana to black markets in many states — including ones with legal pot laws in effect.

“You should know its provenance,” Winslow said. “You should know where it came from because, you know, there are tractor trailor trucks of it that are coming up through Mexico every day, and a lot of that is produced by slave labor. It’s been sent to you by people who are mass murderers. … I don’t want to harsh anybody’s high, but it’s very possible that that weed you’re smoking does have blood all over it.”

America’s burgeoning cannabis industry has taken many strides to provide high-quality marijuana legally grown by professional cultivators, such as incorporating the use of technology that tracks marijuana from seed to sale. Companies such as Bio-Tech and MJ Freeway are providing software to guarantee that pot found in state-ran dispensaries was grown legally and responsibly.

Winslow points out that everyone should be concerned about their weed’s origins just as much as their food and coffee: “How can you go and be very particular about buying only fair trade coffee and then go home and smoke dope that was produced by women who were being gang raped and kidnapped and murdered and all of that?”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons