App Watch: HelloMD and GreenRush

The latest and greatest in cannabis technology.

Green Rush is “Grub Hub” of Weed

For those of us for whom WeedMaps is too cumbersome or too big, there’s a more curated cannabis-finding option. Bay Area-based startup Green Rush is a hub for participating dispensaries’ and delivery services’ offerings, all organized in one spot — which is why it’s been described since its April launch as the “GrubHub of cannabis.”

Mobile users can find out available options in their immediate area, browse menus, and get an idea of how quickly a delivery can arrive. Users’ recommendations are verified via Green Rush, removing the need to fill out multiple sets of identical paperwork for different cannabis collectives.

Green Rush for now is working most with delivery companies but brick-and-mortar dispensaries are coming online, including Cookie Company 415, according to founder and CEO Paul Warshaw.

Get Your Card Via Videoconference with HelloMD

It’s never been easier to get a medical marijuana recommendation. First, Meadow offered on-demand doctor’s visits, removing the need to leave the house. Now, with doctor’s visits via video conferencing, you don’t even need to get dressed — though the doctors at HelloMD would probably prefer you clothed.

The California Medical Board has verified that “telemedicine” — physician consultation via web-based video, using a computer, phone, or tablet — is legitimate medicine. Bay Area-based startup HelloMD is taking advantage, and taking “digital health care” to medical cannabis.
This could be what gets some holdouts on board.

“Most people are just not comfortable going to what we’d consider a sketchy clinic at Sixth and Mission, paying cash for what’s a very subpar [medical] experience,” says CEO and founder Mark Hadfield, whose company offers legit recommendations from board-certified physicians for $95. “That’s a very valuable service.”

And a service that’s designed to survive the transition to recreational, should California legalize next year.

“Recreational users already use it,” Hadfield says. “Eventually, millions of Americans will use marijuana for medicinal purposes — and never smoke it.”