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A Titillating Trio

Andrea Brooks of Sava — the Etsy for cannabis — shares her three favorite products.

Several years ago, Andrea Brooks sustained an injury that left her with systemic nerve damage and chronic pain. Determined to find the road back to health, Brooks embarked on a journey of research and experimentation — and it led her to a surprising and promising discovery.

“I realized the side effects of pharmaceuticals were not good, so I began experimenting with alternative forms of medicine — cannabis being one of them,” she says. “It was cannabis, paired with a solid self-care routine, that brought me back to health.”

Along the way, she observed some glaring gaps in the cannabis medicine marketplace. While there were plenty of high-quality, artisan cannabis products being made, they weren’t reaching a large audience. Online resources were “patchy,” home delivery wasn’t widely available, and it took a lot of legwork to research quality products and how to properly use them.

Inspired by this problem, Brooks created Sava (, an online cannabis marketplace specializing in quality — and oftentimes handmade — cannabis products and resources. Launched in January 2016, Sava now serves thousands of medical patients across the Golden State and has pegged itself as “the Etsy for cannabis.” The curated collection includes healthy edibles — think hash-infused, superfood hemp protein bars and CBD raw cacao — solventless tinctures, and organic and sustainable flower. As an added perk, the website offers free next-day delivery for every order.

The site also offers bios on the companies behind the goods, helpful information on usage and dosages, and over-the-phone “patient support” from Sava’s nurse-practitioner-trained staff.

Brooks and her team test every product themselves and she says she would recommend any item on Sava  “to a friend or family member.”

Though Brooks’ personal favorites depend on the day and her needs (a tincture for headaches vs. an edible for insomnia), here are three products she’s especially keen on right now.


hmbldt arouse pen ($100)

A THC-forward, pre-filled vape pen formulated to stimulate arousal and stocked with 200 precise doses.

Brooks’ review: “This is by far the most effective cannabis aphrodisiac I’ve tried yet. The specificity of how you feel after vaping with this pen is truly amazing. Hmbldt is a cannabis company founded on the science behind the plant. Their slogan is, ‘Targeted formulas, precise dosage.’ And you really do experience that from their pens. Their formulas are also very terpene-forward and therefore really preserve the flavors of the cannabis. I’ve been loving Arouse, but they have a selection of formulas including Bliss, Calm, Sleep, and Relief.”


Treatwell Wellness Tincture  ($30-$60)

A non-psychoactive tincture designed to promote overall wellness and/or target specific conditions, that can be taken sublingually or added to beverages or food.

Brooks’ review: “Alison Ettel of Treatwell Health has been formulating cannabis tinctures for over a decade. She uses full flower and makes tinctures for both people and pets. The latest addition to her line is a wellness formula that is a balanced blend of THC, CBD, THCA, and CBDA. It is meant to balance your endocannabinoid system and help with reducing inflammation overall, which many see as the root of disease. I started taking it two months ago just to try it out, and I’ve experienced overall less hormonal swings throughout my cycle and a dramatic reduction in cramps, something that used to really impact me each month. This is a non-psychoactive formula, and I think once people start using this, it’s going to excel and become her most popular product. She is getting great feedback on it from a lot of people using it for varying conditions.”


Om Edibles Body Oil ($34-$36)

A topical made with a blend of cannabis and aromatic essential oils (argan, apricot kernel, avocado, and jojoba). 

Brooks’ review:  “Om Edibles founder Maya [Elisabeth] has won several Cannabis Cups for her formulations and is widely recognized as a master at her craft. This body oil is one of my go-to topicals. I use the lavender, but they all smell delicious and not perfume-y. This is a strong topical, and the oil penetrates the skin well, so it is very effective. It spreads easily, and is therefore great for a large area of your body, such as your back. It is a little messy, so I don’t take it to-go — I use a balm when I’m out and about — but I find this oil very soothing, especially after a workout or before bed.”