92-year-old grandma cooks pot-infused cuisine to save medical cannabis collective

By Oscar Pascual |

Getting stoned and grubbing out on food can actually do a bit of good sometimes.

Aurora Leveroni — lovingly known as Nonna Marijuana by those who’ve enjoyed her meals — has helped cannabis users medicate by preparing delicious pot-infused Italian dishes and sharing recipes through the patients collective, Wo/mens Alliance for Medical Marijuana (WAMM).

Nonna Marijuana gained Internet fame last year after VICE’s food site Munchies featured her in a video, which led to further appearances on NPR, BBC, and even Penthouse magazine.

Her daughter, Valerie Corral, co-founded WAMM in 1993 to provide outdoor-grown organic medicine for seriously or terminally ill patients at little to no cost. They also offer end-of-life care, providing hospice for patients facing their final months. Some, like us, would like to call her marijuana’s Mother Teresa.

“I don’t think I’m special,” Corral told SF Evergreen earlier in May. “We work with people who are dying. That’ll humble your ass.”

WAMM still stands today bearing the distinction as one of the country’s first medical marijuana collectives, but could now face losing their land.

The collective recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise enough funds to keep their land, which would keep their current patients from losing their only supply of medical cannabis.

“WAMM is truly a life’s blood for so many who would not be here today without that wonderful organization,” Leveroni tells Munchies. “I will always do anything I can to support my daughter Valerie’s passion to help those most in need.”

That’s why she’s offering to cook up an impressive Italian meal of epic proportions for the campaign’s most generous donors, who get treated to a day-long tour of WAMM’s cannabis garden where they get to meet Leveroni, Corral and other members to learn about organic cultivation and the art of creating cannabis-infused cuisine.

Unfortunately, the meal is limited only to legal medical marijuana patients living in California, but Leveroni is offering a tantalizing recipe for would-be donors that don’t qualify, or simply can’t afford the donation’s perk.

“These intimate dinners will be limited to just eight guests per seating, and only legal medical marijuana patients in California can sample the cannabis-infused food,” Leveroni told Munchies. “I know not everyone can make it to our garden, or afford to be so generous, so I’m offering my risotto Milanese recipe for Munchies to publish for free, in hopes you’ll make it yourself at home and then donate whatever you can afford if you like it!”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons