Cannabis Gift Guide

Hemp-derived CBD bath bombs, full-spectrum topicals, distillate, resin, rosin, sauce, flower… there’s a lot going on in legal cannabis these days.

The category of cannabis edibles has exploded in recent years, leading to a host of unusual and intriguing new ways for us to get stoned courtesy of our stomachs. The idea of drinking cannabis is still relatively new, but already it’s evident that this form of consumption has the potential to do big business. Enter the likes of Pabst and Budweiser, with more familiar names from the alcohol world likely right behind them. One reason for their interest: the ease with which infused drinks can be manufactured to target specific ratios, include a wide range of ingredients, and deliver reliable consistency.

The choices may seem overwhelming, but trust us, that’s a good thing — especially if you’re looking for a unique gift to give the cannabis enthusiast (or novice) on your list. Read on to be inspired by all the tinctures, creams, soft gels, gummy bites, and vape cartridges now on the market, and stuff those stockings with sensimilla.

(Product write-ups by Veronica Irwin, Joe Kukura, and Zack Ruskin)

Kiva’s Lost Farm Gummies
10mg THC per serving | $20 |
While we’ve come a long way from unmarked packages with uncertain potencies, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still room for improvement. Enter San Francisco’s Kiva. The popular brand is giving gummies a makeover with Lost Farm: a new line of strain-specific, plant-based edibles infused with 100 percent live resin. What does that mean? Basically, by using the cannabinoids of one specific strain, consumers can expect to experience the associated benefits and sensations of, say, Blue Dream or Super Lemon Haze. That doesn’t make taking one of these gummies an exact science — and at 10 mg per serving, these aren’t for THC virgins, either — it’s a concrete and delicious step forward nonetheless. (ZR)

Wunder’s Sparking Cannabis Beverages
2mg THC per serving | $7 (can); $22 (4-pack) |
San Francisco-based Wunder focuses on bold flavors and the collective benefit of combining a low dose of THC, 4 mg of CBD, and 2mg of Delta-8 in its tasty infused beverages. That last one is a cannabinoid similar to THC but known to have less psychotropic potency. By bringing all three together, each can of Wunder delivers a lovely, low-dose pick-me-up suitable for any time of the day. Mixed with sparkling water and poured over ice with a fresh garnish, a can of Watermelon Wave, Blood Orange Bliss, or Lemon Ginger Lift might be just what the workaholic on your shipping list doesn’t know they need. (ZR)

Papa & Barkley’s THC Releaf Chocolate
5mg THC per serving | $18 |
If the name Papa & Barkley sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because you’ve tried one of the Eureka manufacturer’s numerous topicals, oils, or tinctures. As one of the first large-scale cannabis brands to gain name recognition across California, Papa & Barkley has slowly been expanding its footprint in the market. Those efforts continue with the release of the brand’s THC Releaf Chocolate. Available in either Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt, the flavor (featuring Fair Trade Certified ingredients) is superb. Part of the reason for that is thanks to the process, in which the chocolate is slow-churned to silky perfection. It is also, no doubt, thanks to Papa & Barkley’s chosen method of infusion — fresh-pressed solventless rosin — which is fast becoming the gold standard in edibles today. Packing only 15 calories per piece, this is a sin-free, THC-rich chocolate bar ideal for any stocking. (ZR)

Care By Design’s (Reformulated) Ratio Drops
Assorted ratios and prices |
Care By Design is reborn! Just in time for the holidays, NorCal’s CannaCraft has announced a relaunch of its popular wellness brand. Now available with more cannabinoids, more terpenes, and more flavonoids, this massive makeover to the line includes tinctures, pain creams, soft gels, gummy bites, and vape cartridges. While commercially available CBD continues to be derived solely from hemp, full-spectrum products like those from Care By Design package CBD as nature intended: by keeping it in the company of other cannabinoids. Those looking for the maximal medicinal benefit will be especially excited by the 40:1 ratio drops, which deliver a big dose of CBD along with a kiss of THC in a full-spectrum plant solution. In total, Care By Design’s revamped line consists of 36 products across six ratios and five product forms, meaning there’s quite literally something for everyone. (ZR) 

Raw Garden’s Cloud Walker Vape Cartridge
83.17% THC | $29 |
Santa Barbara’s Raw Garden understands flavor like few vape oil manufacturers do. When it comes to vaping cannabis, the goal is to retain as much of a given strain’s terpenes as possible. Naturally, this only matters if you’re making strain-specific vape cartridges — which Raw Gardens most certainly is. In addition, a huge percentage of a plant’s terpenes are lost at the moment of harvest. That’s why, as soon one of Raw Garden’s farms harvests, the flower goes immediately into a cryogenic chilling tunnel. The result? Live resin, which is a difference you can most definitely taste. Raw Garden is constantly coming out with new cartridges worth trying, but when available, their Cloud Walker (a Sativa-forward hybrid) is a fairly potent but immensely enjoyable offering. (ZR)

House of Saka White CannaWine
$45; 30mg THC 6mg CBD/Bottle; cannabis-infused wine
Imagine if you could unwind from the day with a glass of wine without worrying about a hangover. That’s the intention behind House of Saka’s cannabis-infused “wine,” a non-alcoholic fermented beverage made from Napa Valley grapes. A glass yields a relaxed cerebral effect, and contains a higher-than-usual amount of CBD and a small dose (6 mg) of THC. Moreover, House of Saka wines are infused with a unique infusion process which allows the cannabis molecules to be absorbed through the mouth and stomach lining in just 5 to 15 minutes. This means that users have as much control over their high as when smoking, but in a discreet, delicious wine-like beverage. (VI)

Be More Blunt / Cannatique Lemon Cherry Gelato Blunt
$20; 30.75% THC; 1.2gram pre-rolled blunt in a hemp wrap
Be More Blunt’s hemp-wrapped cannabis cigars are perhaps the most dependable non-infused pre-rolls on the market. Every Be More Blunt contains 1.2 grams of stem and shake-free top-shelf flower, wrapped in a slightly sweet, all natural hemp wrap, and finished with a sturdy wooden tip. They’re never stale, and unlike some blunts, they’re tasty down to the very last hit. This season they released a collaboration with fellow Oakland-based brand Cannatique, and their Lemon Cherry Gelato Blunt is a more delicious stocking stuffer than any candy cane or gingerbread cookie would be. (VI)

Sweet Releaf Topical
$30; 130mg THC 9.5mg CBD; topical lotion
When it comes to muscle relief, CBD tends to get all the attention. However, it is rare that any one cannabinoid in isolation will completely treat an ailment — cannabinoids work with the human endocannabinoid body synergistically, and full spectrum, terpene-rich blends tend to be much more effective for most patients than something that just has a lot of CBD. Sweet Releaf is a time-tested industry favorite that is rich in a high-THC full-spectrum cannabis infusion and other nourishing compounds like shea, cocoa butter, and aloe vera. Not only does it smell like a luxury body butter, but a dab of Sweet Releaf on achy muscles and joints is recommended for treating everything from arthritic joints to post-workout muscle soreness. A dab on the temples does wonders for migraines, too. And to be clear — although it is THC, it is a topical, and doesn’t come with a head high. Rather, it’s a dependable, pain-relieving balm that feels more like a spa treatment. (VI)

Potli x Aster Farms Olive Oil
$35; 100mg THC 8mg CBD; 8.45fl oz bottle of olive oil
There are few people who can’t appreciate the beauty of a flavorful, rich olive oil. Level up a simple appetizer of bread and olive oil with Potli and Aster Farm’s luxurious cannabis-infused organic olive oil for a truly indulgent treat. Made with Tuscan-variety olives from Campodonico organic farms, the olive oil follows Potli’s tradition of “soil-to-oil,” which emphasizes how products are sourced. The olive oil itself is full bodied and delicious, and the cannabis in it is relatively stable, meaning that while it might not be best for deep frying, you can cook most food in it as normal without degrading the THC. Plus, Aster Farms’ relaxing-yet-functional Watermelon OG is a crowd pleaser — sure to suit the large majority of cannabis-consuming cooks. (VI)

Jetty Extracts 3 ‘Dablicator’ Oil Applicator
$65; 83.68% THC; 1g of live resin extract
Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for a high-tolerance consumer. Their trademarked “Dablicator” oil applicator, however, is a perfect solution, because it’s designed to level-up any joint or bowl they’re already smoking. A step above their previous line of cannabis oil applicators, Jetty Extracts’ new unrefined live resin oil applicators are filled with a high-quality concentrate worthy of dabbing on their own. For those who prefer smoking, though, the unique syringe-like delivery system gives users enough control to make the messy task of infusing joints and bowls with live resin easy enough to do on-the-go. 3 Bears Kush is a particularly heavy-hitting cultivar, sure to pack a potent punch. (VI)

Cookies’ Snow Montana
22% THC | $16.50 |
Let it snow with Cookies’ top-shelf but super-affordable “fun size” Snow Montana (get it, 49ers fans?). The famed phenotypes of local cult hit favorite Cookies have a good thing in a small package here, a one-gram stocking stuffer that evokes the days of dime bags. At a nice price of under $20, you can give the gift of premium indica kind bud (22 percent THC) from one of the most trusted and respected names in California cannabis. Cookies’ strains have long been the gold standard to everyone from newbies to the Magi, and giving people Cookies for Christmas might really make you Joe Cool. (JK)

Kikoko Little Helpers
4-7.5 mg THC/CBD/CBN | $18-36 |
While the kids get sugar highs from peppermint candy canes, the grownups will love turning to these adult mints to relax or get some sleep. Bay Area favorite Kikoko made a name for themselves with their infused tea and honey, but their new line of mood-altering Little Helpers mints arrives just in time for this uniquely stressful holiday season. These microdose mints come in four varieties: Calm, Focus, Sleep, and Buzz, tasty mints packed with vitamins, botanicals, and plant adaptogens. The cannabinoid makeup of each varies between THC, CBD, and CBN, depending on the desired effect, so if you know someone fretting over holiday shopping, these can be their Santa’s Little Helpers. (JK)

Microwave Potcorn
10 mg THC | $10 |
Don’t string this popcorn up with the cranberries! Binge-watching movies and TV shows is the depressing new nightlife norm, but that makes popcorn a special new go-to. Berkeley’s Pop-Up Potcorn has infused versions of both microwave popcorn and ready-to-eat popcorn, but a lot of popcorn lovers prefer the snack served fresh and hot. We think Microwave Potcorn is every bit as good as movie theater popcorn, and a gift any edible fan will love. The infused oils are created with a flair, care, and flavor that transcends grocery store microwave popcorn, and the formulations pack a punch well beyond their 10 mg label. (JK)

Satori Singles
10 mg THC | $6 |
You may know Santa Rosa-based Satori for their infused chocolate-covered almond, blueberry, and strawberry Satori Chocolate Bites. Their new confection, Satori Singles, sounds smaller, but comes as larger chunks of chocolate — roughly a third the size of a Hershey’s bar, but prepared in more artisan fashion with sustainably-sourced South American cacao. These are 10 mg THC chocolate bars with a dash of CBD, and we can confirm the manufacturer claim of a fast-hitting formulation. For the culinary creatives on your cannabis shopping list, Satori has a set of clever and inspired cannabis-infused chocolate recipes on their website to transform those chocolates into a highly satisfying dessert dish. (JK)

Well by Caliva ‘Be Merry And Well’ Gift Set
200 and 60 mg CBD | $50 |
Most of us have not bought a cannabis gift for our mom before, but this all-CBD gift set would make a good first candidate. San Jose’s Caliva has a CBD line called Well by Caliva, from which this 200 mg-dosed restored moisturizing serum and 60 mg mellow out bath bomb deliver a relaxing tingle of topical CBD, with no THC or psychoactive “head high.” The whole package is priced at a sweet gift-bag discount, a $70 value available for just $50, and comes with a branded tote bag and cosmetic bag. But it doesn’t come with the red bows seen above, so you’d have to get your own to perfectly nail that green and red holiday color scheme. (JK)