420 Games brings 4.20-mile fun run to Golden Gate Park on Saturday

By Joe Kukura |

You’ve heard of a “runner’s high”, but this is something else entirely.

The 420 Games brings its special hybrid of cannabis advocacy and athletic competition to Golden Gate Park this weekend for the San Francisco 4.20 Mile Fun Run.

It’s a one-of-a-”kind” competitive footrace spanning 4.20 miles — a mile longer than typical 5K footrace — that goes the extra mile to show the world that that cannabis users can indeed be fit, fast and capable of getting out of bed early on a Saturday morning.

You think 420 Games racers will be slow and lethargic because they’re marijuana users? Guess again.

Medical cannabis delivery service Eaze is offering $500 of free cannabis delivered to the 4.20 Mile Fun Run first place winner. The second place finisher wins a $250 free marijuana delivery credit from Eaze, and third place finisher wins a $100 credit. You will see stoners running like they were Speedy Gonzales out there at the Saturday, August 15 race that begins at 8 a.m.

The 420 Games recently went viral thanks to an Elite Daily video that now has nearly half a million views.

“The idea is to demonstrate that cannabis is really a wellness product,” legendary cannabis activist and Harborside Health Center executive director Steve D’Angelo said in the video. “When it’s integrated into a full and healthy lifestyle, it actually enhances the parts of our lives that are most valuable and important to us.”

The 420 Games proceedings start early Saturday morning and continue in Golden Gate Park up until 1 p.m. Bib pickup for the 4.20 Mile Fun Run racers starts at 7 a.m., with the race beginning at 8:30. All finishers age 21 & up will get two hours of free beer tasting provided as a free courtesy after the race.

“And it is Lagunitas beer, so it is good!,” 420 Games organizer Jim McAlpine told SF Evergreen.


Registrants will also be treated to a live performance by international reggae star Pato Banton after the race, plus a range of cannabis exhibitors, vendors and renowned educational speakers — including Steve D’Angelo himself.

The 4.20 Mile Fun Run pits cannabis smokers against other cannabis smokers in a legitimate athletic competition, but the event will have a strict no smoking policy.

“Many people don’t know that Golden Gate Park has laws that prohibit smoking of any kind, including cigarettes, in the park,” McIlmore told SF Evergreen. “Many people ignore that law. But because we’re doing this to be athletic and to stand up for respect for cannabis users, we’re going to abide by the laws of the park. We want to show people that cannabis users are not the typical lazy, stupid law-breaking citizens that they have been portrayed to be.”

“Our events are really bred to be family-friendly,” McIlmore said. “My six-year-old daughter runs the race. My three-year-old’s there, and many other families bring their kids. We want an atmosphere where kids can look at cannabis through eyes that don’t have a cloud of smoke.”

But with $500 of free cannabis on the the line for the first place winner, I think you’ll see quite a few cannabis-using runners disappear in a cloud of smoke when the start gun sounds for the 420 Games on Saturday morning.

The 420 Games’ San Francsico 4.20 Mile Fun Run starts at 8 a.m. on Saturday, August 15 at the Music Concourse bandshell in Golden Gate Park (between the California Academy of Sciences and the DeYoung Museum). Online registration is still available for the event sponsored by Lagunitas Brewery, Snowbomb,com, Harborside Health Center and Eaze.