420 chef cooks up ‘Pot Shabbat’ dinners

By Oscar Pascual |

Jeff the 420 Chef cooks a Shabbat dinner so good you’ll holler back at the challah bread.

And judging by his name, the secret ingredient shouldn’t be all that secret — it’s pot, of course.

Jeff (who doesn’t use his last name professionally to avoid legal entanglements), is an emerging chef specializing in cooking with cannabis as well as a self-proclaimed “God-loving Jew,” and is now implementing his talents to cook up traditional Jewish dinners infused with cannabis. He calls them “Pot Shabbats,” according to the Jewish Daily Forward.

The cannabis-loving chef provides catering throughout marijuana-friendly states such as California, Colorado, Washington, and Alaska, as well as Washington D.C. He can prepare anything, from individual meals to private parties, all while keeping his guests nicely toasted.

In fact, Jeff prides himself on cooking for hundreds of individuals without any complaints from diners of feeling too high or freaking out.

“I know exactly what I’m working with,” Jeff told the Jewish Daily Forward. “So throughout an entire party, people should not get more than the right amount for them in their food.”

After cooking numerous non-Jewish dinners for folks in Colorado and California, Jeff’s Pot Shabbat in San Francisco is his first foray into cooking cannabis-infused dinners inspired by his own heritage. Jeff uses a special home-made method of creating butter concentrated with cannabis, which is also often known as “cannabutter.” He’s become so good at making it, in fact, that he now teaches adult classes on how to make butter and marijuana cuisines.

He uses it to cook dishes such as roasted chicken, matzah balls, and even ice cream. Not only does he cook, but Jeff also constantly checks in with the dinner’s guests throughout the night, evaluating their how high they are.

“I don’t think anyone else is doing this, monitoring the flow and energy of the evening,” Jeff said. “It’s a science.”

Jeff offers his services through his website, where you can request his kitchen prowess for an evening of cannabis cuisine. Hosts only pay for the food as well as a gratuity that covers the cost of weed and his efforts.

Even Jeff’s Orthodox mother approves of his Pot Shabbats.

“He’s filling a niche and helping a lot of people,” she told the Jewish Daily Forward, “especially when they have problems eating.”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons