Wunderfruit Oral Indica Spray

It’s 8:45 a.m., and you have to be at work by 9. You hastily put on your clothes, grab your wallet, keys, and phone, and head out the door. It’s not till you are halfway to work that you realize:
1) Today is a stupid mandatory meeting that is going to be boring as shit, and 2) You forgot to brush your teeth.

Well, now there’s a spray that will take care of both of those needs. Wunderfruit’s Indica Oral Spray delivers a powerful boost of minty freshness along with 2 mg of THC in each squirt. At 50 squirts a bottle, it’s the perfect thing to keep in your car for when the time calls for it. Additionally, the manufacturer boasts that the product works in less than 10 minutes. That being said, the taste of this spray leaves much to be desired.

While I enjoyed the first few blasts of mint as I was driving to the beach to go surfing, after about three sprays, the tastes turns from minty to a sort of sickly artificial sugar taste. This was better than the taste of marijuana I have observed in other sprays, but it was far from pleasant. At first, I thought I would run out of this little bottle in less than a week, but I think I will have some left over for a long time. The effect was nice, a very relaxing high, which made for a nice surf. However, the product is best reserved for those days when you run out of better options but you refuse to go sober. And at $16, its an affordable standby.


Tiny, unassuming breath-spray bottle.


Artificially minty.


Minty at first, but then nasty-sweet.


A sleepy, relaxing effect perfect for chilling at home or going surfing.


A great choice when you need weed in a pinch.


Very useful to have, but only for small emergencies, not a regular high.