VapeXhale’s EVO + HydraTube is the Future of Getting High

Every once in awhile, we notice some technological innovation and remark, “Oh, look at that. We really do live in the future.”

Whether it’s those silly electric unicycles or just the simple fact that you can tell your phone to find you pancakes and have them delivered to your house in 15 minutes, it’s impossible not to admit that while the flying cars aren’t here (yet), much of the advances promised to us in the 20th century have arrived.

One of of them is VapeXhale’s EVO vaporizer. As far as desktop units go, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t the pinnacle of vaping technology thus far. Putting this thing in a room full of hippies in the ’70s would be akin to the opener of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The EVO would break their collective consciousness. It’d be an unfamiliar an all-powerful obelisk.

The technical details on this thing are remarkable, but I think the simple fact that it’s a convection unit — meaning it uses really hot air to heat the concentrate or flowers — as opposed to a conduction device makes the experience so unique.

And while it’s not the only model out there that uses convection heat, it appears to do it the best. The folks at VapeXhale have dialed this sucker in so well that it produces a perfectly regulated, perfectly even flow of air through a glass-encased tube in the heating console that delivers the cleanest, tastiest, least-charred hit of vapor I’ve experienced in all my years of smoking cannabis.

The unit I sampled came with a HydraTube HydraBomb glass component that fits over the heating unit, which effectively makes it the craziest bong ever made. At once a dab rig and a waterpipe, you draw in vapor through a percolating chamber that wisps it up through a thick, handcrafted mouthpiece. Then you carb it by lifting the glass off the heating console.

It works well — very well. The vapor it produces isn’t that sometimes-disappointing heathering of clouds you get from something like a Pax (which I love, don’t get me wrong). The EVO really gives you the satisfaction of belching out a huge bong hit, but with minimal harshness, leaving you with a super-clean high.

You can also choose your own adventure when it comes to the experience you’re after. There are many different glass components to choose from, and it is easy to switch out the flower baskets for concentrate “nails,” and the temperature gauge is a simple dial at the base of the unit.

Welcome to the future of using cannabis. I can’t wait to see what VapeXhale comes up with next.


Cool Factor: Next-level cool. For all its innovation, it still feels like something you can have out at a dinner party. The glass is thick and and the base is nondescript. The other standard convection option is a Volcano, and let’s face it — passing around a big plastic bag is just funny-looking.

Practicality: It’s simple yet effective. Also, it doesn’t take up too much space.

Affordability: So, if there’s one catch, it’s here. A HydraTube Starter Kit will run you $449.99, which is … a lot. But good convection desktop vaporizers are just plain expensive. And this price includes a top-of-the-line glass mouthpiece. The truth is, this thing might be out of some people’s budgets. But if you can afford it, it’s worth every penny.

Overall: Best. Vaporizer. Ever.