Sublime Has Been Making a Mint, with Its New Orange-Flavored Dosies

The highly anticipated Dosies claim ‘A Tiny Miracle in Every Mint.’

San Francisco’s stoned foodies were budding with excitement last year at the announcement that one of San Francisco’s most exciting chefs, Dennis Lee of Korean hotspots Namu Gaji and Namu Stonepot, would be lending his talents to the creation of a new edibles line from Oakland cannabis manufacturer Sublime. Early media reports teased that their first collaboration would be an infused gourmet mint.

But chef Lee did not remain on the project, and returned his focus to the restaurants. (After all, Namu Gaji is in the midst of an earthquake retrofit.)

Nonetheless, those infused high-end cannabis mints have arrived in the form of Dosies, a citrus orange microdose mint candy. Sublime continued to use dedicated scientists and a confectioner executive from Ferrara Pan to create mints whose mini-dose formulation is remarkably effective, but whose candy flavor turns out to be a mixed bag.

You probably know Sublime (previously Sublime Concentrates) for their popular vape cartridges and kief-coated pre-rolls called Fuzzies. Dosies are Sublime’s first edible offering, but the company is well-funded enough that there may be more cannabis courses to come.

At first pop, these citrus orange mints burst with a sweet flavor that’s a notch fuller than orange Tic-Tacs. But a medicinal aftertaste sets in and continues long after your taste buds’ initial sugar high. Specifically, it’s not a cannabis-tinted aftertaste; it’s more chalky. But that particular issue is ironic here, because the initial involvement of local culinary talent is what had people so excited about Sublime edibles.

Despite this, we do have to acknowledge that Dosies’ 2 milligram-per-mint THC infusions are very skillfully formulated. You don’t pay $25 (before state and local taxes) for a simple package of candy mints, and the tiny doses of each mint hit surprisingly high notes.

Dosies’ childproof packaging is pretty manageable even when you’ve, you know, had a few. Their very responsible exterior design will not draw the attention of kids or nearby helicopter parents.

Though Sublime has been making a mint (literally) for more than a year, the taste did not live up to the hype. But a pack of Dosies is still an inviting, non-smokers’ stash to carry and share at gatherings. And unlike chocolate edibles, mints won’t melt.

Potency: Magnificently manageable at 2-milligrams of THC per mint, and 50 mints packed into each package. It’s incredibly simple for anyone to control their dosage.

Smell: There is no scent to these discreetly packaged confections.

Taste: Five or so seconds of an exhilaratingly sweet orange soda flavor, quickly followed by a longer-lasting mediciny aftertaste that is less than outstanding.

Appearance: Dosies mints are pretty darn cute, like perfectly colored tiny orange Easter eggs.

Medical Application: Expect a pep in your step, with an uplifting head high and social buzz that makes Dosies a nice fit for festivals and events.

Effect: These mini-mints are an impressive looking treat that will be a hit for sharing with friends, with easily controlled microdosing that will leave even lightweights heavily impressed.


Available in San Francisco at Connected SF. Visit for details.