Pollen Nation pollen-kief capsules (Jessica Christian/S.F. Evergreen)

Strainwise: Pollen Nation’s THC Pollen Kief Capsules


For many people, THC is not just a pleasure drug. It’s easy to forget that we have marijuana precisely because of its medicinal benefits. So the more health-conscious among us can now consume both THC and bee pollen at the same time. Considered by Pollen Nation to be one of the best supplements you can take, their pollen-kief capsules have a long list of healthy uses, including as a digestive aid. It’s also strong in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects (bee pollen), and it relieved pain while stimulating the appetite (THC) and potentially even healing addictions in a holistic way. While these pills may exhibit these qualities, they will not help your marijuana addiction or cure a case of the munchies. I found the high from these pills hits you quickly and intensely, which is common for edibles, of course, but this one was so strong that I had to take a nap. I woke up an hour later feeling like I woke up from a difficult dream, like finally-escaping-from-the-Red-Queen-in-Alice-in-Wonderland-with-my-head-still-on difficult. Don’t expect to do anything other than pass out on these pills, but if a good night’s sleep is what you are looking for, these pills will do the trick.

Pollen Nation pollen-kief capsules (Jessica Christian/S.F. Evergreen)

Pollen Nation pollen-kief capsules (Jessica Christian/S.F. Evergreen)

Small pill capsules that contain solid bits of kief and bee pollen.

Who smells pills?

None, just a little gelcap. Goes down quick.

Hella strong. Within 15 minutes I went from a casual watching TV buzz to a serious need to take a nap buzz. The whole thing wore off in about an hour

Fantastic for those who need help going to sleep.

For those who prefer a body high, these little pills pack a powerful punch.

$10 for 3 pills

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