(Photo by Jessica Christian)

Strainwise: Heirloom Highland Thai Extract


A devout joint smoker, I have mostly viewed cannabis oil as a fad — like e-cigarettes, a poor excuse for the real thing. But that just proves my naiveté. After spending more than a week with the Heirloom Highland Thai cartridge from Legion of Bloom, I can say this is an attractive experience — and one every cannabis user should try for themselves.

It will not taste or smell like burned flowers, or even vaporized buds, but that doesn’t mean it will be any less enjoyable or intense. In fact, it might get you where you want to be faster than anything else. Just pace yourself with this stuff. It’s potent at 77.62 percent THC, and you hardly feel your lungs filling up. The heady euphoria can turn to cloudiness over the course of an afternoon.

Although there’s no indication that it’s sativa on the package, Heirloom Highland Thai is a sativa strain native to northern Thailand and considered part of the ancient cannabis gene pool. Two deep pulls off the pen for a heavy user like me produced a subtle head rush. A third long pull elicited a nicely creative and active mood for about 30 minutes to an hour. Occasional, smaller drags maintained this level for several hours — as long as I didn’t go overboard.

Most days I used this cartridge I felt positive and wanted to do something, so I went for a jog. I had great focus and my lungs felt better since the vapor is less harsh than smoke.

Legion uses a solvent-free, carbon dioxide extract and high-quality terpenes for its oil, which is packaged in glass and metal with a coil heating device. This achieves a more natural flavor, and it clearly shows against the Pear Herer cartridge from Gold Drop. Packed in plastic with a wick heater, the solvent-free oil was too strong and fake tasting and much less potent than Legion’s. And glass, metal, and coil proved to be far superior in another cartridge: Girl Scout Cookies from Absolute Xtracts.

Glass and metal cartridge

Heady, lively, creative, focused, positive

Sweet but faint

Mild, sweet, slightly grassy

Medical Applicability:
Stress relief, headaches, anxiety

Overall Impression:
Recommended over plastic cartridges. It’s a quality effect and enjoyable experience, although extended use left a strange aftertaste — not so much chemical tasting, but it’s clear you’re not vaping or smoking actual flowers.

$50 / 0.5 gram

The Legion of Bloom
Multiple locations, call for availability

Photo by Jessica Christian