Flowkana Hope Springs (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Flowkana Hope Springs (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Strainwise: Flow Kana’s Love and Hope


As the cannabis industry races to produce more products rich in CBD and absent noticeable amounts of THC, they have created a gap in their offerings. What about those folks that desire the symptom relief of CBD but also enjoy the effect of THC? Flow Kana, a small-farm operation based in the Emerald Triangle, has found the answer.

Love and Hope is the marriage of two of their farms’ strains: Emerald Heart Farms’ Lebanese Love Bomb and Hope Springs PermaPharm’s Hope Springs OG. It boasts a high 11.1 percent CBD but also features a 14.7 percent THC. This is a strain that can heal you and hold you, an ideal offering for users who both have medical needs and wish to experience the relaxing comfort of a soft, warm body high.

As an indica, Love and Hope is very subtle in small doses. A bowl does wonders if you find yourself in the grips of insomnia, the effect spreading slowly and never fully encasing you in a can’t-leave-the bed kind of way. That being said, this isn’t the flower for making housework more fun or even for sharing in a group setting. While not deficient in THC, it is certainly a gentler blend that is much more suited for taking the edge off then fully immersing oneself in the experience.

While Love and Hope may not grab hold swiftly or strongly, it definitely lingers. After vaping a few hits with a Flowermate Pro V5, I was perfectly content for several hours. An added benefit is the wonderful aroma contained within the strain; it might honestly be one of the better-tasting buds I have ever had.

Overall, the effects were immensely pleasing. Love and Hope offers a milder alternative for anyone eager to relax but not be overcome by their high.

Medium sized, moderately dense buds that are fully frosted.

Slightly sour with notes of pine and fruit.

Exquisite! Using a vape, this strain had immense and delicious taste. The pine was hearty but not overbearing, cut through with a refreshing sourness.

Light and lovely, neither overpowering nor underwhelming.

Wide-reaching. With such a high CBD concentration, Love and Hope is a great choice for relieving a variety of ailments. An excellent counter to insomnia and acute anxiety as well.

Love and Hope is a delightful hybrid that I look forward to using as a sleep aid and that I expect will be extremely popular for anyone who desires both high CBD and a kiss of THC in their strains.

$15/g, $45/eighth

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