Flowkana Green Mountain Ranch (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Flowkana Green Mountain Ranch (Jessica Christian/S.F. Examiner)

Strainwise: Flow Kana’s Leamonhead OG


This minty herb comes from the Green Mountain Ranch in Mendocino. Like all Flow Kana products, these buds are certified 100 percent sun-grown. Its 25 percent THC content makes it a powerful phenotype of OG Kush. It is very pungent and brightly colored, with lots of crystals. I found the buds to be slightly drier than I expected, but they were very heavy, strong, and very large. There was an intensely potent smell that erupted when I first opened the little glass jar, but it faded quickly, leaving behind hints of peppermint, pine, or a cleansing scent ideal for freshening up a room. The buzz hits quickly and is a very upbeat high, well-suited for getting work done or lifting your mood. I was actually watching live coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests in Charlotte, N.C., as I was sampling this, and I found my mood move from anger and sadness to a calm alertness and then, finally, to a need to take my guitar to the park.

Large buds, dense, and fully frosted.

A cleansing peppermint with pine overtones.

Silky smoke feel, strong mint taste.

Quick and headstrong. Good for getting work done.

An excellent choice for those with trouble concentrating.

Lemonhead OG is a super popular strain that is sure to please anyone looking for an enjoyable, active high.

$15/g, $45/eighth

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