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Courtesy of Source Vape

Reviewing the Source Nail


There has always been a bit mad scientist involved in utilizing a full oil rig, from the many bits and pieces required to operate it, to the nefarious-looking need for a torch. For a long time, taking a dab has required one to assemble something they might find deep in the back of Walter White’s closet. But with the Source Vape Source Nail, those worries are now a thing of the past.

Conceived as a simple vaporizer that can actually emulate the experience of a full oil rig, the Source Nail is a bounty of options packaged in a portable, sturdy black carrying case. Open it up and you’ll find three atomizers in titanium, quartz, and ceramic, covering all the bases for whatever your preferred dab setup might be. Each atomizer has a screw-off top and a removable dish, which can all be used with the borosilicate bubbler attachment included.

Variable temperature is another feature the Source Nail handles admirably, giving users the choice to fluctuate between 5 and 40 watts, with the higher settings impressively capable of emulating the chest hit of a full oil rig dab. While the quartz and ceramic atomizers have been known to crack when cranked to 40, they function just fine at a setting of around 20 watts, and the titanium is good to go at whatever temp you fancy (just remember to season it first to avoid the metallic taste that feels like you’ve gone to second base with the Terminator).

Also included with the Source Nail is a carb cap, which provides the long-desired possibility of wind-proof dabbing. We’ve all shaken our fist angrily at the sky when the wind swoops in on a dab, but the enclosed atomizer and carb cap now make it possible to dab to your heart’s content in the majesty of mother nature. Combine this factor with the portable, strong carrying case included with the product and it almost seems a shame that Source Vapes didn’t partner with Reserve America to ship each unit with a code for a discounted camping spot reservation.

Of course, not all that glitters is gold, and not all that is glass is strong. One of cons with the Source Nail is reported fragility with the bubbler base. As this part grows sticky, it is apparently prone to cracking, meaning extra care is needed when handling the attachment and removal of the bubbler. Another potential worry is stealth. While oil rigs in and of themselves are not the preferred medium for those wishing to remain incognito, the Source Nail is as conspicuous as they come, with the bubbler attachment towering a good four inches above the battery unit.

Luckily, Source Nail kindly included a smaller globe attachment with carb to provide a more nuanced, secretive alternative to the full bubbler rig. Yes, the story here is that few, if any, factors have been overlooked with this product. This is the dual vape pen and eNail that truly takes oil rig dabbing from the dark corners of chemistry class and into the modern world.


Cool factor: For those with their own DIY rigs or the few who prefer to use a torch, the Source Nail won’t top the experience you’ve already come to love. For the rest of us, Source Vape has created a remarkable substitute to the full rig experience that takes the toolbox odds and ends of oil rigs and replaces them with a sleek, compact alternative.

Practicality: Huge. Not only do all the various components of the Source Nail fit neatly into the carrying case it arrives in, but that case itself is very portable and inconspicuous. The ease with which the three included atomizer varieties can be interchanged means that a group dab session can match each user with their preferred material without needless effort and construction.

Affordability: Priced at $199.95, the Source Nail is a reasonable buy when compared with high-end rigs. Certainly for all the parts included, it would be hard to call it pricey, especially when one factors in the lifetime warranty each unit includes.

Overall: I want to go camping with this unit and never come back. Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, the Source Nail is the answer torch-haters have been waiting for.

Rating: 4.5/5

Available at: sourcevapes.com

Photo Courtesy of Source Vape