Pure Kush

Review: Pure Kush (Indica)

A foggy respite for your mind.

If you’re not in the mood to
talk, OG Kush phenotype Pure Kush might be speaking your language.

A comfortable indica with a clear and smooth smoke, the strain’s sweet, woodsy buds — which are coated in fine, orange trichomes — are the stuff of serious pain relief. For all its full-body effects, Pure Kush’s foggy-head high makes for a comfortable sleep aid without the total couch-lock-feel. Either way, get ready for your head to feel a few sizes larger than usual. 

Some downsides include mild paranoia — you know, the kind that makes you quadruple check for your wallet instead of the kind that makes you think that dude is totally following you — and an unsteady high that’s prone to waver and taper off abruptly. 

If you already overthink while smoking, steer clear. Pure Kush’s dynamo painkilling effects come with a side of cerebral (and, if you smoke enough, borderline existential) thoughts and a raging case of cotton mouth. 

If you’re in the market for something to kill all your various pains at once, go wild on this guy. But if you’re looking for an indica with a steady roll and a lazy, happy high that also happens to have painkilling powers, keep looking.

Rating: 3/5

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