Recreational Marijuana Delivery in San Francisco

Who in San Francisco delivers to your door, without requiring a medical marijuana ID card? SF Evergreen went comprehensive.

More than two dozen San Francisco dispensaries now sell adult-use cannabis, but very few delivery services are on the recreational bandwagon. The blunt truth is that most San Francisco marijuana delivery services still require a medical ID card if you want the sticky-icky delivered to your door.

But we found every San Francisco delivery service currently licensed to bring adult-use cannabis to your doorstep. Oakland has oodles of licensed recreational delivery options, but San Francisco has only 10.

Why so few? Delivering recreational marijuana in California requires a completely different state license than than the license brick-and-mortar dispensaries need.

Sure, if you Google or Yelp “San Francisco recreational marijuana delivery,” you’ll see tons of results — but most of these are not accurate! Google and Yelp do no fact-checking, because having human beings double-check results for accuracy completely goes against their corporate philosophies.

SF Evergreen has done what the bots won’t do, scouring through the California Bureau of Cannabis Control database to find every San Francisco delivery service licensed to legally deliver marijuana to anyone age 21 and up.


Eaze.com, serving San Francisco, all of Alameda County, and parts of San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. The company on this list you’re most likely to have heard of is Eaze, which has the most venture-capital funding of any marijuana startup in California (including an investment from Snoop Dogg). Eaze does not have a license to deliver recreational marijuana, but they’re partnered with people who do. So you have most product options, but you never know who you’re buying the product from and your delivery service is not shown when placing the order. Eaze also does not list a customer support phone number on its site, and your online-only transaction requires you to submit your home address data before you can see what’s available.

Green Rush

GreenRush.com, 510-426-8859, serving San Francisco, all of Alameda County, and parts of San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Green Rush is another of those platform services that connects you to deliveries or dispensaries. But it’s partnered with a few recreational delivery services that cover San Francisco. Be aware your order has to be $60 minimum for delivery.

Bay Care Delivery

BayCareDelivery.com, 415-647-7520, serving San Francisco and and parts of San Mateo County Actual human beings answer the phone at Bay Care Delivery, but their website also allows you to order online. As you can tell by the name, Bay Care Delivery is locally operated.

Cannabis Express

CannabisExpress.com, 415-851-6926, serving San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County. Cannabis Express is also licensed to deliver recreational weed in San Francisco, and you can see its full menu online without having to submit any personal data, but placing an order does require creating a user account.


Jahnetics.com, 415-524-3561, serving San Francisco. You can only order over the phone from Jahnetics, but their recreational marijuana delivery is available seven days a week.

Kind Courier

KindCourier.com, 844-473-5463, serving San Francisco and parts of Marin and San Mateo Counties

The non-geographically specific 844 area code makes us wonder how local Kind Courier is, but staffers were super-attentive about answering — and the online menu is extensive. That said, you do need to create a user profile with some personal information before ordering.


Lifted420.org, 888-250-8983, serving San Francisco. You can order recreational marijuana online or over the phone with Lifted, though you’ll first have to create an online profile, with what their staff describe as a “selfie of yourself with a valid state ID.”


Medithrive.com, 415-562-6334, serving San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County. That fabulously futuristic Mission District dispensary Medithrive also has recreational marijuana delivery service, and they even deliver down the Peninsula, too. But Peninsula delivery has a minimum order of $30 — and a $10 delivery fee on top of that —  and it’s only available on Wednesday and Thursdays, whereas S.F. can order delivery seven days a week, without the extra fee.

Posh Green Collective

PoshGreenCollective.com, 415-499-2328, serving San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County. Hailing themselves as the “Nordstrom of Cannabis,” Posh Green Collective delivers to many cities across the Bay Area. The minimum order runs from $50 to $150 depending on where you live, but in San Francisco it’s the low $50 minimum order.

Society Jane

SocietyJane.com, orders@societyjane. com, serving San Francisco. The “good girl’s cannabis club” Society Jane only takes orders by email, but their selection — curated specifically for women — is available to all genders in San Francisco.

More delivery services are coming online each week, so check SF Evergreen for updates to this list.

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