Rabbi: Smoking weed on Passover is kosher

By Oscar Pascual |

Good news for stoner Jews like Seth Rogen: you can smoke weed on Passover and still be kosher.

The religious celebration begins Friday night and runs through April 11, making Jews go a whole week without grains. That means no beer for a week, making it hard for most folks to consider Passover a “celebration.”

But New York-based Rabbi Ben Greenberg recently told the Daily Beast that substituting bud for Budweiser is fair game.

The rabbi explained that even stuff that looks like grains — such as rice and beans — aren’t allowed for Passover. That’s when TDB asked Greenberg if cannabis also falls into that category.

“The overwhelming majority of rabbis are clear that it does not,” Greenberg told the Daily Beast.

But the rabbi notes that you can’t have just any old pot. Specifically, you may have to say adie to edibles.

“So the question becomes, In what form can you have it?” Greenberg told the Daily Beast. “Because the problem with edibles is it might be processed in a way that includes leavening, or might come in contact with foods that are not kosher for Passover. So those items should be avoided.”

So according to the rabbi, pot brownies are a no-go. So that means smoking it is cool, right? It depends.

“The majority of the rabbinical authorities were a little late to the idea that smoking was bad for you,” Greenberg added. “Primarily because they were taking into consideration the difficulty it would impose upon the community if they were to outright ban smoking cold turkey. So, at this point, the Rabbinical Council of America, which is the largest body of centrist orthodox rabbis in America, has published a statement prohibiting smoking. And the general consensus now is that if you haven’t started, you shouldn’t start.”

So no edibles, and if you’ve never smoked pot, Greenberg says it’s best not to start. But if you’re already an established stoner Jew living in a legal state, the rabbi says you can have at it.

“After you’re done drinking four cups of wine at the Seder, I don’t know if you need anything extra,” Greenberg told the Daily Beast. “But if you do, and if you’re already in the realm of smoking anyways, and you’re in a state where it’s legal, then you don’t have to worry about the fact that the marijuana plant itself is not kosher for Passover.”

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons