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Product Review: Jetty Extracts PAX Era Pods

First, you needed a dealer to get weed, and you never really knew how good it was going to be. (Proposition 215 took care of that.) Later, the extract pens came along, and that made getting high easy and relatively undetectable — save for some glazed eyes and a dumb smirk at the pudgy dog in the park.

But we now live in a new era: the PAX Era. In case you weren’t familiar, the PAX Era is a vaporizer that pairs with a handful of “pods” made by different producers. Basically, plug in the pod, breathe in through the stick, get high. I almost used one the other day without even thinking about it.

If you don’t own one, get one. But once you do, be sure to grab one of the pods made by Oakland’s Jetty Extracts. I’m a fan of the Northern Lights No. 5, a deep, old-school indica that’s perfect for recumbent media intake.

It’s remarkable how PAX has managed to make its product deliver the same toasty-tasting high with extracts as it does with flower. But that’s a scientific investigation I’ll circumvent for now to talk about these Jetty pods. They just taste clean. And that might be due to a fact I came across while reading up on them.

While some extract companies — especially ones that make prefab cartridges — pump their shit up with polyethylene glycol (PEG), Jetty Extracts’ top-shelf “Gold” oil is 100-percent pure cannabis extract, from the THC to the terpenes. Basically, every molecule comes straight from the plant. This makes for a taste and vapor true to the specific strain from which it was derived. (Fun fact: Some brands, especially those that make flavored cartridges, will often add food-grade terpenes or essential oils to flavor their products. You know, like how they do with sticks of incense you might buy on the boardwalk.)

But back to the pods. The delightful flavor is rich and earthy, and it changes slightly when you dial the temperature on the Era up or down. The high is great because, like the temperature, you can dial it in according to your preference. If you’re out with your friends, it’s easy to take little puffs here and there and not get too stoney. However, if it’s bedtime, or you’re looking to use this product as bona fide medicine, then take a few huge rips and it will put you down — pleasantly.

I should mention that Jetty makes a handful of other strain-specific pods, including a Blue Diesel (sativa) and a Girl Scout Cookies (hybrid). Collect ’em all! Or whatever. All I’m saying is that these things are handy, tasty, and effective. Kudos, Jetty Extracts, on a solid product.

Potency: 80- to 85-percent THC

Smell: The vapor smells like a solid indica mixed with toasted popcorn.

Taste:As with the smell, since they contain all cannabis-derived terpenes, the pods deliver an experience consistent with the flower it comes from.

Appearance: A standard PAX Era pod with a li’l Jetty Extracts label.

Medical application: Works for anything you’d want to address with a full-fledged indica.

Effect:Stoney, body-forward, sleepy, relaxing.


Medithrive Mission, 1933 Mission St. 415-562-6334