No Torch, No Problem: The Windproof and Butane-less Dr. Dabber Boost e-Rig


Wooks don’t travel well. I learned this the hard way after booking a flight for myself and my former best dab-friend to the most recent Secret Cup.

I understand the need for morning dab before the “errly” ride to the airport, and I really appreciate our Uber driver’s indulgence for allowing my traveling companion to fire up his torch on the freeway — sorry about the upholstery; I think there’s something that will get those burn marks out — but after TSA opened his bag and found the inexplicable case of butane, I had to leave him and his rosin wallet behind.

Dr. Dabber’s Boost eRig solves those problems, and eliminates the need to buy butane ever again. E-rigs have been around for a while, but they could use refining: ballast-sized boxes with high school chem-lab sized wires leading to a heated nail aren’t exactly glamorous — or portable. And while it won’t wow the wooks like a Mothership or Hitman glass piece, the eRig is sturdier, harder to break, more functional — and, like I said, it’s portable.

The size of a small flashlight, the Boost is essentially a USB-rechargeable battery that fits in the palm of your hand. On one end is a solid base, and on the other is your nail (and the Boost comes with domeless quartz, ceramic, and titanium nails, to please those picky dabbers). The Boost eRig comes with an attractive-enough glass mouthpiece and dome attachment that also takes a little bit of water.

The rig heats up with a push of the device’s lone button, which turns color from light to dark blue to let you know when it’s hot enough to hit. And that’s it. Really. The lack of a torch, the covered nail, and the lightweight of everything mean it’s perfect to take camping or to the beach – or anywhere else you’d rather not freak out the public by firing up a torch.

It comes with a handy, medium-sized, foam-lined traveling case for just this purpose – and one that’s airline friendly. Have fun with buying butane — I’ll be dabbing wherever I go.


Cool factor: If all your friends are wooks with 710 tattoos, this won’t turn heads, and won’t win any Best Glass awards at the Secret Cup. For the other 99 percent of us who don’t care about that kind of thing, the portability and simple design are much more important.

Practicality: Immense. This goes anywhere, requires no additional torch, and can be easily and cleanly packed away. The makers say you can get 50 or more blasts off of one battery charge, but I wouldn’t know: I was toast after five, and then was able to recharge it via the same USB that recharges my PAX 2.

Affordability: At $199, the Boost isn’t exactly cheap. Then again, it’s a fraction of the price of most American-made glass rigs, meaning it could easily be your main rig if you’re on a budget (and have no glass snobs around to impress).

Overall: This is the dab rig for people who live with torch-fearers, and this is THE rig to take on the go. It’s useful, attractive, and simplifying. Thoreau would approve.

Rating: 4/5

Available at: www.drdabber.com/collections/vaporizers/products/boost-erig