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Mini Churro Whoopie Pie

A cannabis-infused churro sandwich that packs a punch.

I never drank St. Pauli Girl beer because I thought the woman on the label was just plain stupid. I thought the same thing when I saw the packaging for every single Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles product, and I was equally inclined to pass on their offerings on principle. But when I learned they were based in “the OC,” it kind of made sense. I figured, “Fuck it. I’ll at least try these things.” That said, I truly hope the ubiquitous use of buxom women in the sale of controlled substances withers and dies as recreational cannabis becomes more normalized — but I’m certainly not holding my breath.

BS packaging aside, the Mini Churro Pies are pretty solid. They taste great and they’re very strong: Each bag contains 300 mg of THC, which means each of the six tiny cookies (roughly two inches in diameter) contains 50 mg of THC.

Baking high-octane products seems to be Miss Mary Jane’s thing, and some of her other confections include a Snickerdoodle Canna-Cookie with a whopping 250 mg, and a 200 mg English Toffee Brownie. In my opinion, 50 mg is still pretty potent for a deliciously crumbly cookie that could easily go down in one bite.

As I do with every new edible, I started with a few nibbles to test the waters, and then I waited. It took about an hour for it to kick in, and I was definitely feeling a mild-to-moderate high from my mouse-sized portion. I took another bite, and then another, and ended up eating about half a cookie, which got me stoned as hell. Like, not-stoked-to-see-people-in-thegrocery- store stoned. The high was super body-driven, and there were definitely some swirly cognitive things going on. They were manageable, but lightweights should definitely take note. (I consider myself to be a “medium- weight” connoisseur.)

Minus the weed-equivalent of a Jäger Girl on the packaging, I give Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles Mini Churro Whoopie Pies my blessing, and think they’d be a welcome addition to anyone’s stash.

The Basics: Each bag contains 300 mg of THC, divided up into six pieces that contain 50 mg of THC each. Appearance: I think I’ve made my stance on the packaging pretty clear at this point. However, the whoopie pies themselves look delightful. They are crusted in a shimmer of powdered sugar, and have a golden-tan hue. The cream filling is the icing on the cake.

Flavor: They taste like churros infused with the awesome warmth that cannabis brings to any baked good. They are crumbly, and then they are chewy. Unlike some mass-produced cookies, they aren’t chalky in the least.

Aroma: If you open the bag and stick your nose inside, it smells like a bag of churros. There is a faint waft of weed, like you might get from a cannabis-infused cookie, along with a pleasant hint of vanilla.

Medical Applicability: Given their strength, I probably wouldn’t use these for anxiety, as a mistaken dosage could lead to a pretty rough time in the ol’ noggin. I imagine these would be great for treating pain and nausea.

Overall Impressions: A great tasting, powerful edible. For as small as they are, they get you really high. These would be good to bring along on a trip to either the park or the mountains, as the sturdy, airtight bag appears to protect their structure quite nicely.


Mini Churro Whoopie Pie by Miss Mary Jane’s Edibles

Available at Grass Roots, 1077 Post St. And at Urban Pharm, 122 10th St.