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Lemon Banana Sherbert by FloraCal Farms

Do you remember when it was “cool” to have a really ornate bong? Back in the day, I had a Jerome Baker that was my pride and joy, and the glasswork was … pretty involved. But something shifted at some point, and now it’s all about those straight-up, glass-on-glass, all-clear contraptions that look like they were blown in a BMW factory.

Being a man of the times, I went ahead and purchased one. The best part of these devices is how easy they are to clean, which is a boon for experiencing the full flavor of the cannabis you’re smoking. In fact, I recently got my hands on some Lemon Banana Sherbert from Santa Rosa’s FloraCal Farms, and it smelled so nice that I cleaned my entire bong before packing a bowl.

After admiring my handiwork, I took a piece off one of the beautifully shaped nugs and tossed it in a grinder. It was dense and sticky, and it gave the tool a bit of guff before agreeably crumbling beneath its stainless-steel teeth.

The smell reminded me of being on vacation, and gave credence to the name of the strain. As I tapped out the flower, a burst of tropical citrus hit my nose and was finished off by a slight, well-balanced earthiness.

I loaded it up and took a milky hit that I allowed to percolate a little more than halfway up the chamber before clearing. As I exhaled, it was clear that my hard work from earlier had paid off. The taste was more fruity than lemony, with a mild sweetness on the tail end. Bananas, then sherbert. Kudos to whoever named this stuff.

The high had a smooth acceleration, and probably took about eight to 10 minutes to fully sink in. I felt euphoric and relaxed, and noticed a pleasant body high emanating from my chest, through my arms, and out to the tips of my fingers. I was lit, but comfortably so. My eyes felt soft in their sockets.

Apparently the folks at FloraCal went to great lengths developing this particular phenotype, originally securing seeds from DNA Genetics at the 2016 Emerald Cup, taking cuts from the seed stalk plants, and spent months pouring over a variety of options before agreeing which one was best.

I thought about this careful, intentional process as I contently examined my simple, effective bong, amazed by how far the world of weed-smoking has come.

Potency: 25.34 THC with 27.5 percent total cannabinoids

Smell: Lemon, then banana, then sherbert

Taste: Phenomenal.

Appearance: Beautiful. The lengthy selection process of this pheno was well worth it.

Medical application: Great for depression, anxiety, stress, pain, and nausea.

Effect: Upbeat, energetic, creative, comforting.

Final verdict: Top-notch, top-shelf, next-level cannabis. What a time to be alive!


FloraCal Farms is carried through RVR Distribution and available at Medithrive Mission, 1933 Mission St. 415-562-6334 or