Keep it Luxe: High End Cannabis-Related Gifts


For some, smoke shop standards simply do not suffice — only the “luxe” will do.

A luxe cannabis item is a product that sets itself apart from run-of-the-mill offerings by elevated quality of construction, materials, features, price point, and rarity.

The owner is a smoker who has elevated taste and expects luxury in all facets of life — cannabis consumption included.

Here are some of the fanciest, most advanced, and glorious cannabis items currently on the market:

PAX2 Limited Edition Gold Vaporizer

Available at: VapeWorld.

Fans asked, and San Francisco-headquartered phenomenon PAX delivered. The PAX2 is already the gold standard for portable vaporizers, and now comes in this glamorous, gold-brushed, anodized aluminum. This cannabis flower vaporizer is smaller than the original PAX, sleeker, and has all the same features in the wildly popular black-colored PAX2: “lip-sensing technology, LED interface, self-optimizing temperature and power, and a user friendly interface with a pristine finish.” Accessories include a charging cradle, USB cord, cleaning kit, and two mouthpieces. With the gilded finish, this vape has the Midas touch amongst the sea of competitors.

24k Gold Shine Rolling Papers

$55 for a single 12-sheet pack

History has proven that if you want to create a luxury item out of anything, you craft it in real gold. These gilded rolling papers are no exception. Made out of handcrafted 24k edible gold and a hemp blend base for a smooth burn, the 24K Shine rolling papers are fancy smoking personified. (24-carat cigar wraps and cones are also available.) Feeling extra swaggy? Opt for the $100 Shine Treasure Chest, which includes a 12-sheet pack, a king size gold cone, two gold blunt wraps, two Tattooed Blunt Wraps in a Benjamins print, glass ashtray and stickers. You provide the party.

The Cannador

5-Strain Cannador, $209-$219

You’ve matured. CandorYou own more than just a black leather sofa and an IKEA side table. You care about the kind of beer you drink. You own slacks. Your bud deserves the same respect. If fine cigars should be kept at a premium temperature for optimal smoking, why shouldn’t your marijuana? The Cannador welcomes you to marijuana use adulthood with all the bells and whistles. Made with an interior of solid mahogany, these marijuana storage boxes keeps green fresh with an airtight design that controls humidity. They are several steps above the clear jars and plastic containers you’ve been using, which let in UV light that damages your weed. The Humidity Bead System ensures the relative humidity stays at 65 percent, tops. In the effort to remain top shelf at all times, we recommend products in the Connoisseur Series, crafted in solid walnut or cherry wood.

Phoenician Herbal Grinder – Medium 4 Piece – 24 Karat Gold Plated


Last golden item, we promise. It’s not really our fault. It turns out that this very functional, medical grade grinder from Phoenician also decided to get all posh and offer an “ELITE SERIES” 24k gold plated, four-piece version coming in at a whopping $1,495. Other sparkling selling points include patent-pending diametric teeth, 6061 aerospace aluminum under the 24k gold plate, exterior lobe gripping that allows for multiple grip options and styles, and the cool fact that the top houses a built-in ashtray and rolling papers holder. You will need a grinder for as long as you smoke weed, right? So why not splurge on one that also is the ultimate investment piece?

Smoke Box One


You really don’t have to store all your weed and weed paraphernalia in a shoebox under your bed anymore. Upgrade yourself with the Smoke Box One. Made from wood, fitted with chrome-fitted hinges, and a carbon fiber tech fabric, this box is marijuana storage 2.0. A stainless steel lock ensures children and unwanted roommates stay out of your stash, and an unassuming leatherette shell with hand-stitched finishing looks like any other luxurious container one may have, if you are baller like that.