Keep it cute: Kawaii gifts for the cannabis user


Sometimes, you don’t want a big honking dab rig or a hefty hemp necklace to display your affinity for the magic plant or to show your appreciation for someone else’s … appreciation.

You want something cute, dammit.

For the cannabis user in your life who is more Hello Kitty than Hellraiser, here’s a quick guide to “kawaii” — that is, cute — gifts that are marijuana-friendly.


Sara Lyons “Chronic Cute” nail decals

This Los Angeles illustrator wants your nails to scream “stoner bb.”


Lipstick pipe


A bowl for the undercover high femme in your life. We can’t help you with what to say when people ask you why you’re applying a lighter to your lipstick, but you’ll at least have fewer stares when emptying the purse on your way through security.

Rose grinder

Make sure your garden is well-ground.
This rose-adorned grinder is functional and attractive, just like you.


Pikachu pipe

Catch an adorable high <3. 1SailorMoon

Sailor Moon wand pipe

“Believe in yourself and nothing can stop you!”